House of Goblins is a new digital collectible game that integrates NFTs into its world. Users can craft and trade characters, weapons, armor sets and other items with the virtual currency on their phone or computer through Metaverse’s blockchain-powered ecosystem. The partnership will allow for more opportunities to explore the newly created gaming universe in both games.

The “cryptoblades kingdom king token” is a new partnership between CryptoBlades and House of Goblins that will provide players with a chance to win prizes. The partnership also includes the release of an animated film, “The Metaverse,” which tells the story of two friends who find themselves in a virtual reality game called “CryptoBlades.”

The Metaverse Expands with CryptoBlades and House of Goblins Partnership


It gives us great pleasure to announce our newest cooperation with House of Goblins, CryptoBladers! Our CEO, Philip Devine, will serve as an adviser on their team as a result of this collaboration! “The House Of Goblins is not only a hand-drawn randomly generated collection of NFTs, it’s a blockchain game with numerous dimensions,” said the developer. Before mining $GORE, Goblin Ore tokens, the prized green rock of the goblins, players must first possess a goblin NFT.

We’re thrilled to be working with House of Goblins and can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with! Visit House of Goblins’ Linktree for all of their links, including their website, social media, and Discord!

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The “cryptoblades kingdoms” is a partnership between CryptoBlades and House of Goblins that will expand the Metaverse. The two companies have partnered to bring more games, items, and experiences into the game.

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