The Lennon Collection, consisting of the original handwritten lyrics to John Lennon’s iconic song “Imagine” and other signed memorabilia from his life, is scheduled for auction on Thursday. The owner of this collection has agreed not only to sell off individual items in the collection but also all remaining pieces through a single sale.

The “Lennon Connection” is the first auction house to offer a full range of Beatles memorabilia and collectibles. The company will be auctioning off over 150 items from the Beatles’ personal collection, including handwritten lyrics, signed photographs, rare records, and more.

The 'Lennon Connection' Set to Auction The Beatles NFTs

Julian Lennon, the late music superstar John Lennon’s oldest son, is planning to auction off numerous ‘Beatles’ and John Lennon artifacts as NFTs. Julian’s charity, ‘The White Feather Foundation,’ will benefit from a share of the auction revenues, which will be donated in cooperation with Juliens Auctions and YellowHeart NFT. 

The NFTs are part of the ‘The Lennon Connection’ series. Each NFT will be available as an audio-visual collection, with Julian’s narrative accompanying the visuals of each digital item. The NFTs will be based on a black cape worn by Lennon in the film ‘Help!,’ handwritten notes from The Beatles’ popular song ‘Hey Jude,’ Lennon’s Afghan coat used in the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ film, and three Gibson guitars gifted to Julian by his father.

The collection’s sale is now underway and will conclude on February 7th. The handwritten ‘Hey Jude’ notes are likely to get the greatest attention, with the final bid exceeding the $30,000 starting price.

‘The Lennon Collection’ isn’t the first NFT collection inspired by the renowned Liverpool rock band; in December 2021, ‘The Voices of Classic Rock’ released an exclusive collection based on four rare interviews with the Beatles.

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The “what are nft tokens” is a question that many people have asked. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that can be used as if they were physical objects. The Lennon Connection is auctioning off their Beatles NFTs on October 10th.

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