DeepFake technology has the power to change how we perceive reality. In any video, photo or GIF with altered content, users can create a fake version of that event and share it online without fear of repercussion. What are the future implications for NFTs?

The “blockchain deepfake” is a technology that allows for the creation of fake videos, images, and audio. It has the potential to impact the world in a variety of ways.

The Impact Of DeepFake Technology In The NFT World

  • DeepFake is quickly gaining traction as a viable technique.
  • Blockchain may hold the key to resolving deepfake issues.
  • Deepfake videos have been made about Elon Musk.

Have you ever seen a video that promotes a certain app or technology? It’s a message from one of your favorite celebrities. However, we are not discussing formal endorsements. There is a deep fake revolution underway, in which anyone may utilize well-known influencers and celebrities to promote products or generate buzz. It has a detrimental influence on the rest of the planet.

There have been two recent examples of this. Elon Musk was spotted on camera urging individuals to deposit Bitcoin (BTC) to a wallet in return for 2 BTC. For most people, that’s a clear fake.

But then we watched another video of Elon Musk describing BitVex, a new (or fictitious) cryptocurrency. It was more lifelike than anything else we’d ever seen. As a consequence, the NFT world’s basis was shattered.

The deep fake video of Elon Musk promoting a new cryptocurrency hoax has gone viral. @elonmusk @elonmusk @elonmusk @elonmusk @elonmusk pic.t

May 24, 2022 — DogeDesigner (@cb doge)

What Is Deep Fake Technology, and How Does It Work?

DeepFake is a set of tools, software, or technology that often employs artificial intelligence. The goal is to turn a picture or video into a near-perfect duplicate. Basically, you could use your face in any video or photograph, and on any individual in the video or photograph.

‘Photoshopping’ is another phrase for this. Photoshopping, on the other hand, has always been a more enjoyable and less destructive activity. It was often where you would photoshop oneself among robots or new landscapes. The best you can do is make your face and physique seem lovely by enhancing them.

Deep Fake technology allows you to make new films and pictures in addition to manipulating old ones. Elon Musk, for example, did not explain bitcoin in the BitVex issue. Someone else was able to imitate Elon Musk using sophisticated faking techniques. They could even imitate the voice, which is rather impressive.

The DeepSwap Application

Even while we don’t want to blame anybody, DeepSwap is the platform that popularized Deep Fake technology. People might use short movies to post their photographs or selfies and experience themselves as their favorite avatars. Deep fake your face in the face of the Hulk is an example. I’m doing something similar with Thor and other characters.

Unfortunately, the intention of The DeepSwap Application was to be harmless and something for fun. But the internet community has shown us that anything can be misused.

The popularity of DeepSwap has a direct influence on the mainstream media’s acceptance of the deep fake. Something that should have been frowned upon has evolved into a more universally tolerated practice.


Deep Fake’s Impact on the NFT World

Elon Musk has previously been used to promote something or defraud people in two occasions. It would be much simpler for anybody to duplicate someone else. Using deep fake technology and a celebrity or influencer, you might make a promotional film. The vast majority of individuals will be unable to distinguish between the two.

This casts doubt on a wide range of NFT and Metaverse initiatives. Their credibility will be called into doubt. Now, this might be a positive thing since people would research the idea more completely and properly grasp it before investing in it.

In a similar vein, we may see individuals being given incorrect information that leads them to invest in or attempt something they would not typically do.

DeepFake Prevention on the Blockchain

What role does blockchain play in resolving deep-seated issues with fakery? To be honest, there will always be false videos and con artists. We may, however, assess the legitimacy of the films by employing the power of DAOs, or Soulbound tokens.

An NFT might be made from a video created by genuine promoters and transmitted or shared that way. It would be accessible via legitimate channels, reducing the effect of deepfake.

We could come up with something similar, a mark of authenticity for the video in the new world, since SBTs act as permanent, non-transferable assets.

The blockchain technology may be able to distinguish between real and bogus items on the internet. It’s almost like a hologram or QR Code scanner that confirms quality and authenticity.

Final Thoughts

DeepFake is a serious problem, and legal action must be done against them. Fake nudes and other video and picture editing methods have caused a lot of pain to women. The realm of NFT is now being attacked as well.

Deepfake might be utilized in the future to influence people by playing on any other hyped or popular project. There must be a remedy, as well as penalties for the negative aspects of the digital society.

Currently, tracing the source or producer of the deepfake samples is impossible. As a result, it is becoming more important for the globe to integrate blockchain technology in order to strengthen the company’s security and legitimacy.

As an example:

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The “can nfts prevent deepfakes” is a question that has been asked by many. NFTs can’t stop this technology, but they can be used to protect themselves.

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