The Holy Ones is a decentralized, multiplayer game where players collect and trade unique digital assets. It uses smart contracts to facilitate trustless trading without the need for third parties or intermediaries. Players are rewarded in The Sacred Coin (TSC), an ERC20 token natively built on Ethereum’s blockchain

The “Holy Ones” is a Hallowed and Diverse Member of the Web3 Ecosystem. It is one of the most important entities in the decentralized Web3 ecosystem. The Holy Ones are often referred to as “web 3.” They have been around since before Ethereum, but they achieved prominence with their release on Ethereum.

The Holy Ones - A Hallowed and Diverse Member of the Web3 Ecosystem

The Holy Ones is a gaming and NFT ecosystem that aspires to be the next generation of wager 2 gaming. The project’s team, which has over 25 years of experience in online gaming and blockchain initiatives, aims to create a community-driven DAO for the cultivation of new games with an enhanced level of user experience, ranging from traditional casino games to a skill games model that supports crypto wagering.¬†

The theme of ‘holiness’ and the human-figurative portrayals are central to the project. The Holy Ones group, according to the project’s own words, “welcomes all those who teach “cryptoism,” “push for diversity and harmony,” and “advocates of degen culture.”

The Museum’s Collection

The Holy Ones NFT collection has 6,666 Holy Beings that represent animated pictures of classic holy characters in imaginative, absurd, and provocatively customized ways.

100% of the profits from The Museum’s Collection will go to the Holy DAO Treasury, where Holy Beings NFT holders control the treasury as they decide which avenues of the metaverse, gaming, or NFTs, it should invest in. Having membership to the DAO will also grant access to Holy-owner-only forums where The Holy Ones project decisions are discussed and voted on as a community.


Other Benefits 

In addition to the DAO membership incentives that come with owning a Holy Beings NFT, The Holy Ones community receives a slew of other benefits. 

NFT holders will earn 20% of all revenues produced by present and future The Holy Ones branded games and projects, such as Decentraland’s The Aquarium game. Holders will be invited to virtual and IRL events and parties, as well as have unique access to Holy Dripz tangible goods collections and any future presales, whitelists, and airdrops.

Metaverse design company Meta Skins created everything from The Holy Ones NFT graphics to the games the project creates in-house.


In the first quarter of 2022, metaverse and dApp-related ventures grew, as did the debut of the game Rock Paper Scissors, which will hold a World Series competition in the second quarter.

In Q2, ‘The Holy Ones Temple of Games’ in Decentraland, ‘Holy RockemSockem,’ and other metaverse and dApp improvements will be released.

When 100% of The Holy Ones is sold, the royalty system drawn from current Holy Ones games will commence, with many more fascinating dApp and metaverse games on the future.



The Holy Ones team is on a mission to expand Web3 gaming while also benefiting its community and owners. The 14-member doxxed team of ‘Smart Contracts Gods’ to ‘Holy Strategics’ together possess a significant quantity of metaverse territory, which will aid in the launch and play of The Holy Ones games.

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