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The Hemp Plant Visionaries Who Leverage Blockchain Tech -

With the world now waking up to the benefits of hemp, Güdphoria, a US-based firm devoted to solve the climate problem via regenerative production, is on a mission to use blockchain technology to transform and develop the once-forgotten miracle plant. 

The firm is positioned to become one of the major hemp and biomass providers in the United States, with over 15,000 acres of farmland in Central Oregon. It will be able to finance and realize its aim of being the world’s leading and most sustainable hemp plant innovator with the future release of ‘The Seed’ NFT collection.

NFTs for Seeds

The firm is releasing an NFT collection named ‘The Seed’ to assist it achieve its climate-saving goals. The proceeds from the transaction will be immediately reinvested in the firm, allowing it to expand its activities. 

NFTs for Seeds are rare and collectible pieces of art which are sold directly by Güdphoria itself. Each NFT is a digital representation of the seeds being planted by the company, whereby owning one, you will be part of a symbolic representation of the future of the real and digital worlds. 


The NFTs will also act as a key to the company’s metaverse community, Güd-verse, in addition to its aesthetic value. Holders will get access to digital and in-person expressions, live team sessions, and other special stuff. 

The firm has picked ERC-1155 as their preferred token to reduce the amount of carbon footprint created by its NFTs. The firm intends to grow 146,930 hemp plants to offset its emissions and guarantee the endeavor is carbon neutral after establishing the real number of carbon footprint that the mint would release.

The Mint

There are 5,555 NFTs for Seeds on offer (with 5,555 relating to the concept of blessings and change), which became available to mint from April 2nd on the Güdphoria mint site. Each costs 0.1 ETH to mint, with secondary sales to take place on OpenSea and Rarible in the future.

Other Blockchain-related topics

Güdphoria hopes to become a centre for hemp plant research and innovation with the support of the NFT sale, using approaches such as testing different hemp seed strains, studying different regenerative soils, and experimenting with different production strategies. To that end, the firm has established a 10-acre research and innovation plot, which the NFT collection celebrates, along with the beginning of the Güdphoria agronomy development process. 

In addition to its NFT-centric effort, the company leverages blockchain technology to ensure transparency and trust is given to all of those of interest, especially holders of NFTs for Seeds. It uses 3D drone technology to map out the entirety of its farmland, where it then collects data which can be given to industry advisors and experts. From here, identifying the best hemp varieties, as well as conducting crucial soil analysis can take place.


Güdphoria also intends to use blockchain technology to address inequalities and barriers for marginalized groups in traditional fundraising, as well as to assist Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) hemp farmers in producing high-value products and engaging with a vibrant marketplace that has previously underserved them.


The company’s next step in its NFT plan is to allow NFT resales on OpenSea and Rarible. Güdphoria will begin acquiring, processing, and planting materials for IRL activation after 50% of the collection has been sold. 

The test crops, as well as the infrastructure for the processing facility, will be planted after that.

Holders will get a special airdrop following this, and once the collection has sold out completely. Holders may anticipate a Roadmap 2.0 to be released after this last step is completed. 


Güdphoria was founded by climate crisis visionaries Fred Parent and Jessica Behal, and its NFT project is the result of collaboration between data-driven marketing firm Spherical Strategies, full-stack Blockchain development and Smart Contract auditing firm, and 3D design and rendering firm Virtue Innovations. 

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