Metaverse is a public blockchain project with open source software. The Metaverse Festival will be a three-day event spanning the festival grounds, in Beijing, China and has just announced that they need your help to get it started!

The “graffiti king” is a game that will be played at the upcoming Metaverse Festival. The game has been created by the Graffiti Queens, and you can help them by playing it!

The Graffiti Queens Need Your Help for the Upcoming Metaverse Festival

All metaverse denizens, unite! The Graffiti Queens want your assistance! The second annual Graffiti Queens Festival will take place in April, and organizers are searching for locations and artists to help make it the most stunning event yet.

The Festival is a one-of-a-

The Graffiti Queens Festival is the world’s largest celebration of female creativity. The Graffiti Kings organized this spectacular event, which was coordinated by trash art master Crypto Yuna. Last year’s event was a first, bringing together approximately 270 female artists from various metaverses. Now it’s time to relaunch the show, which means it’ll be larger, crazier, and more ambitious than ever before.

The event is an infinite, non-platform specific celebration of pure art made by female-oriented human beings with no restrictions, fees, or age limit. It will take place from April 3 to April 10 in whichever metaverses are willing to host it.

The Locations

Crypto Yuna has issued a rallying cry for venues to host this year’s event around the metaverse. So, whether you have a gallery, a space, a gorgeous cathedral, or a fantastic arena to offer, contact Yuna and express your interest. The last event was disseminated over Decentraland and Cryptovoxels, but who knows how far it may expand in the future.

The GRAFFITI QUEENS NFT FESTIVAL is an all-female NFT festival that runs from April 3 to 10. Please contact me as soon as possible if you have gallery space available during that week and would want to sponsor this historic event.

January 4, 2022 — YUNA (@cryptoyuna)


Anyone who wishes to invoke the feminine spirit is free to partake in the festivities. The Graffiti Queens welcome individuals from all areas of life, as well as those who work in a variety of media and professions. The artwork must be represented by an NFT to be eligible for the event. So, if you meet the criteria and want to participate, go to the Graffiti Kings website and register right now.

Artists sign up >> Here


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The “graffiti kings radio” is a podcast that discusses the latest in graffiti, street art, and urban culture. The “Graffiti Queens Need Your Help for the Upcoming Metaverse Festival.”

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