First NFT movie festival brings the silver screen to Decentraland, with a screening of the film “The Metamorphosis” in virtual reality on a 100-foot projection.

The “first person decentraland” is a new movie that was created for the “First NFT Movie Festival.” The film was made in Decentraland, and it was released on September 16th.

The First NFT Movie Festival Brings the Silver Screen to Decentraland

The ‘1st NFT Movie Festival’ is coming to Decentraland, giving movie buffs reason to rejoice. As a consequence, cinema connoisseurs and NFT fans may enjoy some high-brow themed entertainment from the comfort of their own homes.

On May 20, an outstanding one-day event will take place in the lovely French city of Cannes, while RLTY, the leading virtual event organizer, will set up shop in Decentraland, where the dedicated crew will live stream the nonfungible conference directly into the metaverse.

The next RLTY virtual event will be at Cannes during the #CannesFilmFestival. Join us in Decentraland for “The 1st NFT Movie Festival.”

May 17, 2022 RLTY (@RLTY Live)

The major event will take place in RLTY’s three-story pyramidal building, which includes a first-floor conference live stream, a second-floor art gallery, and a top-floor movie projection theater, with enough on-hand entertainment to keep any movie enthusiast delighted for hours.

The main event will include seminars, NFT auctions, and a look into the future of movie-related NFTs, as well as remarks by trained celebrities and industry experts. Considering blockchain in general, Web3 games, Defi, and the metaverse, to name a few.

Attendees may also claim an event POAP, buy products, and participate in a variety of exciting activities within the Maya-style structure. So get ready for a fantastic evening of movie-themed fun on May 20 from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. UTC.

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The “decentraland news” is a NFT that allows users to watch the first ever movie festival in Decentraland. The movie festival will be free and live streamed on YouTube.

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