The Decentraland Film Club is back, and this time they’re giving away crypto prizes! The contest is open to all NFT creators who have made content in the past year. Winners will be decided by our team of judges with a final decision coming from the community as well. All you’ll need is an account on ERC20-compatible blockchain platform such as Ethereum or NEO, along with some creativity and imagination for your creative masterpiece that can become a part of Decentraland history.

The “nft facebook groups” is a crypto-based social media platform that allows users to create and share their own virtual worlds. The Decentraland Film Club has returned with an Epic Video Contest, which will award $10,000 in prizes.

The Decentraland Film Club Returns with Epic Video Contest

The largest film club in the metaverse is calling all aspiring filmmakers, actors, and editors to compete in an unusual high-stakes motion picture competition. A magnificent fight of ability, inventiveness, and cunning will take place in Decentraland.

From now until February 4 at 00:00 UTC, all comers are challenged to create the best Decentraland video ever. So, go into the editing studio and put together a short film showing the finest of the metaverse.

The conditions are simple: the video must be family-friendly, under 30 seconds long, and include material from inside Decentraland. The rest is up to you: make a sleek advertisement for a favorite venue, film noir it up in one of the seedier regions, or go all David Lynch on it and make an arty work that only the smart understand. If you want to use any protected photos or music, make sure you get permission first.

For a chance to win LAND, MANA, and Wearables, make a video describing what you love about Decentraland.

Use the hashtag #DCLfilmclub to share your video on Twitter.

From the 14th of January through the 4th of February

Let’s see how inventive you can be!

Check out the most recent blog article for additional information.

January 14, 2022 — Decentraland (@decentraland)

To take part, first produce the best 30-second film the world has ever seen, then post it on Twitter using the hashtag #DCLfilmclub. The rest is up to the community, which includes some of the generation’s sharpest critics. The first place winner will get a parcel of land and 600 $MANA, while the remaining 9 finalists will receive $MANA in ever-decreasing increments and wearable items.

Following the contest, Decentraland will show off the finest films on February 20 during its spectacular 2nd birthday gala. So get your clapper board and megaphone out, and start directing!


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