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The “Disney Cruise” is a cruise that takes place on the Disney Magic. The DCL Travel Guide is an app where you can find information about the TRU Band Room, which is located on the Disney Magic.

The DCL Travel Guide: The TRU Band Room

Hello, there, intrepid adventurer! Thank you for taking the time to visit our travel guide booth. If you’ve arrived here, you’re probably seeking for something to do in the metaverse. This article series began in late December of last year to assist wandering metaverse tourists in locating the greatest (virtual) locations in town. We’re here to inform you about the trendiest locations to visit in Decentraland, particularly!

Allow me to offer a proposal if you have a minute to listen: go to the TRU Band Room!

This virtual events venue is certainly one to add to your list of places to visit on a regular basis if you’re a lover of music concerts (and, let’s face it, who isn’t?). You may witness a variety of music performances here, including acoustic sets by singer-songwriters, DJ sets by club DJs, and even live-streaming of major international events!

Every week, there are various events (you can see what Decentraland events are coming up on the Decentraland events website), and the mood inside the TRU Band Room is always on point.

The-DCL-Travel-Guide-The-TRU-Band-RoomAt the TRU Band Room, the mood is always on point!

Even from a distance, the vivid pink and purple structure captures your eye. As you enter, you’ll see a traditional ticket office on the left and a charming art gallery on the right. The main band room may be found by following the stairs near the ticket office.

The room’s features and decorations are incredible, and then there’s the sparkling dance floor in the center, which will throw you into a dancing frenzy the instant you walk through the door. If you face the huge screen where the event stream is being broadcast, you’ll get a beautiful view of the Decentraland landscape on the left and a few photographs of some awesome-looking unicorns—I mean, Uniquehorns—on the right.

1643105414_503_The-DCL-Travel-Guide-The-TRU-Band-RoomCome see a performance at the TRU Band Room!

I suppose I should explain. The Rocking Uniquehorns, an NFT project that blends art, cooperation, and music, is linked to the TRU Band Room, and the concept is that these audio loops may be played and mixed to create new musical works, thereby converting the project on OpenSea into a big loop station!

The band room is the community’s hearth; it’s a place to gather, interact, catch some grooves, and bust some moves! Cofounders Florian Müller and Domenic Benz envisioned it as a location where people might gather and enjoy a unique musical experience in the metaverse when they established it.

1643105415_549_The-DCL-Travel-Guide-The-TRU-Band-RoomThe TRU Band Room is packed with revelers!

The TRU Band Room was one of the first locations I visited in Decentraland, thus it has a special place in my heart. There, I met some of my first metaverse pals, and I even wrote a song about it and recorded a virtual music video for it. If my words alone aren’t enough to persuade you of its awesomeness.

And if you’re ready to listen to some live music or dance a bit, even in the comfort of your own bed and pajamas, simply pop into the TRU Band Room whenever there’s a show going on! Every Thursday from 10 to 11 p.m. UTC, resident artist Ash Orphan performs.

By going here, you may enter the TRU Band Room in Decentraland.



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