We at Polygonal Mind HQ are excited to launch our new DCL Travel Guide, adding a little bit of information about the different NFTs we believe will shape the future. We’ve got CryptoKitties, Cryptokitties 2.0 and various other collectibles that you can now buy or trade on DCL (or any other dApp).

The “dcl” is a travel guide for Polygonal Mind HQ. The DCL Travel Guide includes information about the location, transportation, and activities in the area.

The DCL Travel Guide: Polygonal Mind HQ

Hello there, traveler. I didn’t notice you. What can I do to assist you? Looking for new metaverse locations to visit? You’ve arrived to the correct location. That is the focus of our DCL Travel Guide series! We hope you were able to attend a performance at the TRU Band Room as a result of our previous post.

Today, we’ll be discussing a totally different kind of location. This isn’t a music venue or a music room, at least not in the traditional sense. The location we’re discussing today is a headquarters. It’s neither the headquarters of a wicked scientist or a superhero—the it’s headquarters of Polygonal Intelligence, an artistic group.

The-DCL-Travel-Guide-Polygonal-Mind-HQThe headquarters of Polygonal Intelligence in Decentraland.


With that stated, the HQ does seem to be the home of a strong wizard or trickster deity with a liking for eyeballs and a preferred hue of green. From above the gigantic entry doors, a giant green cyclopean polygon (the trademark Polygonal Intelligence logo) peers down at you…welcomingly.


1646474830_720_The-DCL-Travel-Guide-Polygonal-Mind-HQEmblem of a green cyclopean polygon

If you enter via these golden doors, you’ll find yourself in a circular room with multiple colorful portals (yet another sign of a magical HQ-owner) that connect to other areas or projects in which Polygonal Intelligence is involved. A cool-looking POAP machine (a machine that awards you special tokens for attending events), a sign book, and two more buttons: an Exit button and an Event Area button will also be visible. Which one are you going to pick?

The Gathering Place

You chose The Gathering Place button, didn’t you? You may have guessed that this button transports you to The Gathering Place, and it does. The Gathering Place is like a roof-top amphitheater with a large screen in front of several rows of seats (has Decentraland programmed sitting yet?) This space is perfect for live music performances, live streams, and other fun events, which they’ll often organize and are worth keeping an eye out for.

1646474831_113_The-DCL-Travel-Guide-Polygonal-Mind-HQSyneverse will be performing at the Polygonal Intelligence event.

Polygonal Intelligence

By now, you’re probably wondering who these Polygonal folks are, and whether they’re actually not magicians. I suppose you might call them tech whizzes.

Polygonal Intelligence is a creative development studio based in Spain that specializes in building 3D spaces and architecture in the metaverse. Their arsenal of skills includes 3D modeling, game development, art production, avatar creation, and prototyping, and they’ve built virtual spaces in most popular metaverses including The Sandbox, VRChat, CryptoVoxels, and, of course, Decentraland.

In fact, if you’ve visited Decentraland, chances are you’ve stepped foot in at least one parcel touched by Polygonal Intelligence. They’ve built on over two-thousand pieces of land in DCL alone, including places like the Aetheria Block Museum, Boson Protocol, the Toledo Museum of Art, the Narcissus Gallery, the Signum Capital, and, of course, their own Polygonal Intelligence HQ!

1646474832_491_The-DCL-Travel-Guide-Polygonal-Mind-HQDecentraland’s Aetheria Block Museum


The greatest part is that these men host a weekly event called a Metatrip, during which certain Polygonal members assemble with members of their community to offer them a tour of new and intriguing areas in Decentraland. This event alone makes it worthwhile to pay a visit to their headquarters, particularly if you’re wanting to meet new virtual friends and discover new Decentraland locations! They now perform their Metatrip every Tuesday, generally between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m. UTC.

Here’s where you may go to see their headquarters.

PS. Here’s a video that takes you on a tour of their headquarters: 



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