Genesis Plaza is the first of its kind in Decentraland, a virtual world powered by blockchain. This sponsored location will feature five different holiday experiences for users to enjoy during peak season.

Genesis Plaza is an area in Decentraland, where users can spend Holidays. Users are able to purchase a ticket for the Holiday of their choice with LAND and earn GAS from it.

The DCL Travel Guide: Genesis Plaza/Holidays in Decentraland

Thank you for taking the time to visit us, traveler! We’re delighted you’re here, whether you’re a seasoned DCL traveler or a first-time visitor looking to experience Decentraland. This post series is devoted to you, the metaverse explorer in search of the greatest things to see and do in DCL!

We’ll be exploring some of Decentraland’s trendiest, most popular sites in our DCL Travel Guide series, as well as maybe unearthing some hidden gems! There’s always something amazing going on in Decentraland, and we’re here to be your tour guide. Virtual live concerts, museum exhibits, launch parties, gaming challenges, casino events, group metatrips—always there’s something fascinating going on in Decentraland, and we’re here to be your tour guide.

The Genesis Plaza is a mixed-use development in

Genesis Plaza is the first site everybody visits in Decentraland. When you arrive at the plaza, you join the swarm of interested, slightly befuddled arrivals who are chatting about what to do and where to walk amid the clouds in the circular courtyard. There are a few things you can do at this plaza, such as scroll through the interactive boards to find out about future events or check out some of the popular hangout spots.

You’ll find yourself at a trendy little cafe-bar if you plunge through the transferring waterfall portal in the middle (very nice, right?). You’ll also run across an extremely buff Doge strolling about. Feel free to mingle with other passengers and even serve yourself a drink if you can get a mug under the faucet and pour yourself a drink (by pressing E). You may even “talk” with the multi-tasking octopus-wearing bartender NPC for some helpful hints and even a quest requiring unique concoctions and cat hair (the metaverse is a wacky world, I know). You may either leave the pub via the doors to continue your discoveries or take the elevator to the second level for a stunning perspective of Decentraland.

The-DCL-Travel-Guide-Genesis-PlazaHolidays-in-DecentralandIn Decentraland’s Genesis Plaza cafe/bar, I’m just chillin’.

Decentraland’s Christmas

It just so happens that we started our DCL Travel Guide series over the holidays, and if you happened to go into Genesis Plaza during the holidays, you could have been welcomed by a kind, though somewhat frazzled, elf asking for assistance. Accepting his quest would have transported you to a bustling winter wonderland full of challenges and fun activities, where you’d join countless other DCLers frantically searching for lost gifts, solving puzzles, and finding missing objects in order to restore holiday cheer (and power to the Christmas tree)! 

Perhaps you were one of the lucky ones who completed the chores and earned an unique wearable that can be used to get access to various holiday-themed bonuses and activities throughout Decentraland. Aside from that, there were snowball battles, Santa hunts, Playboy Mansion Christmas parties, and much more!

You may have spotted the landscape coated in snow and adorned with candy canes and Christmas lights if you went around other sections of Decentraland during the holidays. The Christmas season in Decentraland is one of the most joyful and vibrant times of the year. 

1640954989_271_The-DCL-Travel-Guide-Genesis-PlazaHolidays-in-DecentralandOne of the DCL Xmas tasks requires you to dress the snowman.

In Decentraland, it’s a new year.

Even though Christmas is done, the New Year’s revelry continues! In fact, to usher in 2022, Decentraland is throwing a mega-awesome New Year’s Eve party! On New Year’s Eve, at 23:00 ET – GMT-5, MetaFest 2022 begins! What are you waiting for if you’ve been putting off experiencing Decentraland? It’ll be a night to remember (or possibly forget, with one too many glasses of champagne), so what are you waiting for? It’s now or never! Everyone, be safe, and have a terrific conclusion to 2021 and a fantastic start to 2022!

Watch the video below for a review of Christmas in Decentraland. Click here for more information about Decentraland’s MetaFest 2022 event.