There are many different types of blockchain-powered games in development and the market is ripe for a new type of game that has yet to be discovered.

An NFT initiative called The Cool Kidz distills art, philosophy, and the undervalued decentralized character of the streets. This suggests that the initiative is focused on shifting the balance of power in favor of the buyer rather than entertaining CEOs, KYCs, whales, burning, manipulation, or oppressive fees.

To do this, typical NFT roles are reversed, making the consumer the artist. Through the possession of a Cool Kidz Genesis NFT, users are able to participate in a genuine street crew and influence the project’s IRL guerrilla marketing strategy.

The NFTs of Genesis 

8,000 Ethereum-based digital valuables that act as a passport into a legitimate street art group are part of the Cool Kidz Genesis NFT drop. Each piece is an original work by the artist, with a street-inspired creative approach that will be unveiled. 

Future benefits that come with the NFTs include being eligible to get airdropped DAO governance tokens, access to real-world events, and secret characteristics that will be revealed.  

They are indeed dark. They certainly are distinct, The hashtags “#nftart #NFTartists #streetcrew #artcollective #disruptors #NFTinnovation” and “indeed, you can join a genuine street crew by just purchasing one of these”

May 23, 2022 — The Cool Kidz | NFT-powered Street Crew (@TheKidzcool)

The Drop

Appropriately, the collection’s Public Sale will take place on July 14 at 6 PM CET, also known as Bastille Day, which marks the day when France’s French Revolution began when angry citizens stormed a jail to release captives and seize weapons. In this case, the NFT mint price will be 0.07 ETH.

The collection’s Presale Period will last through July 13 at 6 PM CET for those who are on its Greenlist. The NFTs are available for purchase here at a reduced cost of 0.056 ETH.

The artwork for the NFTs will be revealed on July 17 at 6 PM CET. Each wallet will be allowed to mint a maximum of five Cool Kidz Genesis NFTs per wallet. 

On the secondary market OpenSea, all Cool Kidz Genesis NFTs will be accessible for buying and selling. 



The project has already had a busy year in 2022, having raised seed money, assembled a core staff, published its website, and completed its mystery art in Q1. Its group continued to grow in the second quarter, more underground artists joined, and now the Genesis NFT mint is on the horizon. 

After the Genesis drop, the project’s website will be renovated, an NFT-locked community will start up, DAO tokenomics will be released, collaborations and publicity efforts will be made, and most crucially, airdrops of DAO tokens will be made to NFT holders. 

A concept reveal for the project’s second drop will occur in Q4 of 2022 as well as an IDO and crew challenge.


The seasoned street artist “Domi,” crew leader “Amer,” guerrilla marketer “Funk,” and operational supervisor “Jack” make up the core of the Cool Kidz team. 

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