The Associated Press, the worldwide leader in news for more than 100 years and one of the most trusted names in journalism, announced a new partnership with Polygon and Xooa to launch its Crypto Future Task Force. The task force will provide ongoing coverage on cryptocurrencies moving forward along with cryptocurrency-focused social media posts from both outlets.

The “Associated Press Links with Polygon and Xooa for NFT Marketplace” is a recent article by the Associated Press. It reports on how the Associated Press has partnered with two companies, Polygon and Xooa, to create an NFT marketplace.

The Associated Press Links with Polygon and Xooa for NFT Marketplace

The Associated Press, a worldwide news organization, is developing its own NFT marketplace. The company’s award-winning photos will be traded via the new Polygon-based platform.

This new addition to the Associated Press arsenal will contain photographs spanning the company’s 75-year history as well as an emphasis on its great photographers. The first NFTs will be sent on January 31st, with the rest of the collection following over the next several weeks. As a non-profit news cooperative, all earnings will be used to sustain its work.

The AP’s first collection will cover both breaking news and culturally important international events. As a result, the photos will cover a wide range of topics, including space, conflict, and climate change, as well as individual photographers of the greatest level.

The Associated Press

Initially, interested parties may buy NFTs using bitcoin or a credit card via a Metamask wallet. The Associated Press, on the other hand, has announced that it would soon support more crypto wallets. Additionally, owners have the opportunity to exchange products on the secondary market after the original sale.

The Associated Press follows in the footsteps of contemporaries CNN and TIME, who also joined the NFT sector last year, and is powered by the energy-efficient Polygon Network and constructed by blockchain technology startup Xooa.


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