The art of crypto waves marries historic data with visual art. With the invention of this new medium, artists are now able to use cryptocurrency as a source of inspiration for their work and preserve some part of history in their creations.

The “nft art” is a cryptocurrency that uses the NFTs to represent assets and ownership of digital objects. It was created by the artist, painter, and musician David Airey.

The Art of Crypto Waves Marries Historic Data with Visual Art

A narrative of love, exhilaration, optimism, and grief exists at the intersection of art, data, bitcoin, and trade. A story of grit and determination, in which billions of dollars were made and lost on the whim of a digital currency. As a result, “The Art of Crypto Waves” has converted these crucial events in crypto history into vivid and magnificent generative artworks to commemorate them in all their grandeur.

The Works of Art

The Art of Crypto Waves is a collection of 3,139 high-resolution technicolor photos that depict the trading patterns of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies, BTC and ETH, in a captivating variety of colors and intensities. 2,121 BTC artworks adorn the collection in honor of the 21 million bitcoins in circulation, while the remaining 1,018 are inspired by Ethereum charts, a delicate mention to the 1018 WEI that make up one Ether.

While keeping a modest and elegant design, each piece is endowed with a distinct color palette, brightness, and intensity. They’ll be a talking point for crypto fans and art lovers alike, not simply because they’re the ideal centerpiece for any living or working environment.

The Art of Crypto Waves

The Initial Batch

Available to mint right now, The Initial Batch of Crypto Waves features only 80 units of exceptional rarity and magnificent design. These amazing items feature the 2020-2021 period of intense crypto speculation that occurred off the back of the coronavirus pandemic.

As a consequence, they may become some of the collection’s most valuable assets, giving collectors the best chance to purchase one-of-a-kind pieces of crypto history. Each piece costs 0.07 ETH and may be purchased on the website Art of Crypto Waves.


The Art of Crypto Waves

The Plan of Action

The team will roll out the next step of the product after the first sale of 80 units. This entails the inclusion of more BTC and ETH cycles, as well as bear markets and bull runs from significant trading occasions.

In addition to charity contributions selected by the community and a general marketing effort, there will be a number of NFT and Ethereum giveaways in the coming months. Following the completion of the complete sale, they will provide a variety of extra incentives, such as tangible things and special promotions.

The Art of Crypto Waves

The Team

A team of two devoted experts with a good history in the computer sector created The Art of Crypto Waves. 288kArtScientist, an accomplished data artist and crypto scientist, is in charge of the design side of things, while I am on chain, a Meta employee and full stack developer, is in charge of the technical side of things. Each brings a unique skill set to the Art of Crypto Waves project, and is committed to its success.

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The “nft art blog” is a blog that posts articles about the latest developments in the world of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens. The blog also posts visual representations of these developments.

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