This is a big win for the NFT world, as many are eagerly waiting to see how IRL London will partner with well-respected teams from across professional sports. The partnership should help bring awareness and more adoption of these new types of assets

The “ethereal nft” is a new partnership between the Ethereum-based blockchain platform and IRL NFT London. The collaboration will provide support for artists in the creation of non-fungible tokens, which are digital assets that can exist on their own outside of any specific application or piece of software.

Teams Up with IRL NFT London to Support NFT Art

We are delighted to announce that has become a proud media partner of In Real Life (IRL) NFT London. IRL NFT London is set to be one of the most exciting CryptoArt events of the year, with an excellent digital exhibition showcasing work by the best NFT artists in the world.

Theme: Using NFTs to Connect the Real World

The topic for this year’s London event is linking the real world with NFTs, which is organized by Ethereal Collective and Zebu Digital. The goal is to gather together NFT collectors and artists, as well as significant industry executives, for multiple panels to express their visions for the future.

Therefore, the event will feature three panels covering three pivotal topics; How DeFi is being implemented into NFTs, Merging physical art & traditional art with NFTs, and Ways we will see NFTs entering the Metaverse and Games.

What to Anticipate

Visitors can expect to see some of the most stunning NFT art pieces from over 20 renowned artists and 40 NFT projects. Some of the projects and creators on display include World of Women, Ape Gang, Tony Sellen, and Paul Kenton. IRL NFT will also host 12 speakers from leading Web3 firms, including; Stani Kulechov, Founder and CEO of Aave, Jordi van den Bussche, NFT Influencer & Builder of the Metaverse, Jimi Daodu, Founder and CEO of Vault Hill, and Ethereum Towers Founders.


Along with cocktails and music, there will be a special auction including works by some of London’s most well-known artists. The artwork will be a hybrid of physical art and digital NFTs, with a portion of the revenues going to charity that the artists support.

On March 30th, from 5:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., IRL NFT will have a one-day conference.

Ashton Barger, Head of Partnerships & Events at Zebu Digital, commented on the event, “We’re thrilled to throw a proper in-person gathering of some of the top NFT artists and creators from around the world. It’s an honor to partner with a team like Ethereal Collective because they’re making strides to showcase NFT art in a new and engaging way.”

2 Tickets to be Won

You don’t have to pay to win! Ethereal has generously provided us with two tickets to give away for this unique event. There’s nothing to lose by entering for free below.

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About Ethereal Collective & Zebu Digital

Ethereal Collective intends to bring the physical and internet worlds together via a series of exhibits and live events, allowing both makers and fans to share their digital art with the general public. They want to build a community where buying an NFT entitles you to attend some of the world’s biggest NFT events.

Zebu Digital is a web 3 marketing firm that will hold Zebu Live, a big web3 and crypto conference in September 2022 in London. It will include 75 of the industry’s greatest speakers, including Stani Kulechov, members of the UK parliament, Tegan Kline of The Graph, and executives from huge ecosystems like NEAR and Algorand.

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The “ethereal collective” is an open source project that aims to create a platform for artists and designers to share their creations. The team has also partnered with IRL NFT London, which will help them provide support for new projects.

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