There are some people who describe a tokenized world as the most logical next step for human civilization. This is because tokens have been shown to be more effective than traditional currencies in many different scenarios, and there’s no reason to believe it won’t apply equally to literature. The project brought on Waves Platform this week aims at bringing blockchain innovation in an entirely new way by creating a platform that will allow authors of all levels access into self-publishing their work with important metrics like word count, total reads and author rating attached so they can become successful without having to start from scratch.

The “what’s blockchain” is a digital ledger that records transactions and other data in chronological order. There are many different types of blockchains, but the most popular use case for blockchains is cryptocurrency. The first generation of cryptocurrencies was Bitcoin.

Tales from the Blockchain Brings Smart Tokenized Literature to OpenSea

So far, we’ve seen a huge amount of fantastic innovation in the NFT space. The art world has been rattled by digital masterpieces, tokenized rhythms are altering music, video games are in the hands of fans, and the collectibles sector is seeing a rebirth. Literature is the only thing lacking from this magnificent list of accomplishments. Until now, that is.

A Novel Approach to Storytelling

Tales from the Blockchain is here to clear things up. The initiative involves releasing 100 original tales to the non-fungible public, offering high-quality science fiction to a receptive audience, with unlocking material restricting readership to a small group of token holders. These select few will then get access to a private Discord channel where they may debate the topics at hand.

Tales from the Blockchain is a film from the Black Mirror style of storytelling that looks at a lot of different futures where things didn’t go as planned. There, science fiction stories are intertwined with brutal reality. While doing so, he foresees a slew of possible repercussions if the presently developing technology is misused. As a consequence, there’s a compilation of 100 great short tales, each limited to 100 copies.

Tales from the Blockchain

The Drop

The first story in this amazing series is now available on OpenSea. As a result, “Just another day in the metaverse” ushers in a new age of cutting-edge, next-generation storytelling. The plot chronicles the exploits of a metaverse worker attempting to break free from the chains of digital slavery, as well as the consequences of this unexpected turn of events.

As a result, this incredible first creation is offered in a limited edition of 100 pieces for only 0.01 ETH each. And, because to the Polygon scaling solution’s power, there are no gas expenses. To maintain a healthy floor price, a part of the earnings will be used to support a buyback program.

Once all 100 versions of “Just another day in the metaverse” have been sold, a second short story will be released, with each succeeding tale increasing in price by 0.01 ETH. As a result, the second installment will start at 0.02 ETH. As a result, after the first book’s total sale, the second novel, “Building Cryptopia,” a tale of billionaires, desert hideouts, and unintended consequences, will be released.

Tales from the Blockchain

The Writer

Each piece is the brainchild of Enzo Chul Oretga, a British-Argentinian novelist. A talented writer with the desire and vision to create suspenseful, fully believable stories of intrigue, technology, and adventure. So dive into Tales from the Blockchain and become a part of the history of storytelling.

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