SynergyLand is a blockchain-powered world simulator and game. Players can buy, sell, trade or fight in the virtual market with their digital assets on the SynergyChain platform.

SynergyLand Brings Crisp ARPG Gameplay to the Solana Blockchain

Hunters, wizards, barbarians, and wise sages unite: a new action role-playing game is coming to the Solana blockchain. Synergy Lands is on its way to filling the gap in the play-to-earn market for dungeon crawlers.

SynergyLand, which is still in production, is a highly polished top-down action RPG with multiplayer co-op in which players wield their weapon of choice while dispatching wicked adversaries. Alternatively, go full PVP in the arena, battling against the world’s deadliest warriors with a broad assortment of weapons, spells, and magical paraphernalia. As a consequence, they may earn fully transferable NFT incentives for their in-game activities.


SynergyLand has a variety of game modes to keep even the most dedicated gamers entertained, as well as the ability to own in-game land goods, construct houses, prepare for conflict, and develop a little empire. SynergyLand’s base of operations is each extremely configurable locale.

The first Synergian NFTs will be available on January 31, with whitelist members receiving them at 2 p.m. CET and the general public receiving them at 5 p.m. CET. Each NFT may be purchased for the princely sum of 2 $SOL + petrol. To take part, players must first deposit $SOL tokens into a Phanton wallet, then visit the official Synergy Land website. Whitelist members may only mint two NFTs at a time, however the public mint limits this to five per wallet.

Head to the official website >> Here