At the first ever Crypto Future Forum in Milan, Gucci introduced a new line of luxury collectible digital assets called SuperRares. These will be available on the Ethereum blockchain and they’re expected to sell out fast because of their limited production run only 4,000 coins! Most people are excited about this move by one of fashion’s most prestigious brands and believe that it could revolutionize how future art is collected.

In the second part of their “Next 100 Years of Gucci” initiative, renowned fine art NFT marketplace, SuperRare, has joined up with legendary fashion brand, Gucci, to showcase an amazing selection of new work.

Art aficionados will discover a diverse selection of fantastic masterpieces in the collection. All created to honor Gucci’s next century of fashion innovation while also paying tribute to its first 100 years of existence. This will be accomplished via a broad variety of outstanding artwork from some of the best designers in the business. On the VaultArtSpace site, collectors and art enthusiasts may now place bids on their favorite pieces.

Announcing Gucci’s Vault Art Space’s second release

The first exhibition, “The Next 100 Years of Gucci,” showcases a variety of NFT pieces, each representing a collectable piece of Gucci’s colorful past.

Bids are currently being accepted for the second drop at this link: dh7GT788wB

Tweeted by SuperRare (@SuperRare). July 7, 2022

29 different artists have together made substantial contributions to the project, drawing inspiration from Gucci’s outstanding accomplishments throughout the last century. Therefore, 45 brand-new works have appeared on the blockchain, ready to embellish the collections of individuals with an eye for style, to empower art as it embraces fashion.

Browse through this most recent noteworthy collection of fashion-related eye candy while keeping in mind that this is the second drop of three. For updates on the big reveal, follow SuperRare and Gucci on social media!

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