Launching a new game called Superchief, the company promises to be the “largest physical NFT gallery.” The company partnered with CryptoKitties developer Axiom Zen and Art Lebedev Studio to create an art installation in which players collect digital assets.

The “nft gallery space” is a physical location in the heart of London, where they will be hosting an exhibition of the world’s largest collection of NFTs.

Superchief Launch World's Largest Physical NFT Gallery

The developers of the world’s first physical NFT gallery, Superchief Gallery, have announced the preliminary debut of a second NFT gallery in Los Angeles. The gallery will be the company’s third physical NFT gallery and the biggest physical NFT exhibition in the world, according to reports.

Superchief has partnered up with NFT platform Whim to present the new gallery. The collaboration will stage two limited-capacity NFT shows, the first of which will be a ‘Opening NFT Showcase’ on January 20th, including artwork from a diverse group of independent artists.

The dust from the inaugural show won’t have time to settle since the following day, futurist and Extinction Rebellion artist ‘Sutu Eats Flies’ will conduct a solo NFT display. The show will focus on the artist’s most recent collection, ‘Choose Your Player,’ which includes 32 animated digital avatars that follow the increasingly expanding profile image NFT model. ‘Sutu Eats Flies’ is releasing daily releases of NFT artwork from the collection, which can be bought with $XTZ, in the days leading up to his solo show (17th-20th).

It’s worth noting that anybody interested in attending either of the Superchief NFT Gallery LA premiere events must first join the Superchief Discord to get an entrance ticket.

Superchief Gallery is no new to the independent art gallery industry, having been around for over ten years as an underground art gallery with locations in New York, Miami, and now Los Angeles. The hybrid-modelled gallery debuted its NFT branch, ‘SuperchiefNFT,’ in March 2021, with a piece of their New York gallery being the world’s first physical NFT gallery.

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The “superchief gallery owner” is the company that owns and operates the world’s largest physical NFT Gallery. The company has been in business since 2013, and they have already sold over $7 million worth of digital assets.

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