SuburbanColors is a cyberpunk game where players assume the role of an agent in Neo-Paris, a city overrun with all sorts of people and creatures from different worlds. Players are given control over their own destiny through choices made within the game’s narrative. With SuburbianColors, there is not only one ending to experience but everyone gets to define what that means for them.,

SuburbanColors Offers Cyberpunk Dystopia, NFTs and P2E Gaming

SuburbanColors is here to fill the vacuum in anyone’s life who wants to add a bit more cyberpunk dystopia to their existence. To provide balance to the future of planet Earth, 2,199 generative cyborgs have arrived on the blockchain.

The world has gone catastrophic in the distant year of 2199. Humans have previously misjudged their artificial intelligence creations, who subsequently rose up to hunt out their pitiful prey. The surviving surface dwellers were pushed underground and forced to live in secrecy. They started to modify their bodies with cybernetics after learning to harness the technology to their advantage, pitting cyborgs against their robotic rulers. The tide started to shift gradually.

Humans, Robots, and Cyborgs are the three separate species that now occupy this dystopian dystopia. They are represented in SuburbanColors by very high-quality NFTs. The Cyborgs, the first species to arrive, have been depicted in all their 2D animated beauty.


The First Plunge

The first 2,199 NFTs have already been added to the blockchain and are available for minting on the SuburbanColors website right now. Fans may buy one for 0.03 ETH each, with a limit of three per wallet. Each NFT is precisely constructed and one-of-a-kind, representing a character created from 150 pre-programmed features.

Furthermore, the project’s leadership is providing additional great incentives, such as commission income for selling the project as part of its “affiliate network.”

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December 27, 2021 — SuburbanColors (@suburbancolors)

The Plan of Action

A variety of additional benefits will become accessible as the SuburbanColors ecology evolves. The first is the establishment of the Hidden Network, a private hangout spot for community members. Additionally, everyone who has two NFTs from the collection will be eligible for a 3D rendering file of the character, enabling owners to print a 3D replica of their favorite possession. Owners of three or more characters will be eligible to receive a handcrafted NFT artwork.

A number of fantastic giveaways will also take place, with owners having the opportunity to win both ETH and NFT prizes. SuburbanColors will begin implementing a staking and liquidity pool logic into the site when the complete collection has been sold. The main attraction for the collection, though, will be game creation.


The Team and the Game

SuburbanColors will begin developing their game once the collection is fully functioning, in which users may compete in a play-to-earn frenzy and win crypto incentives. Owners of NFTs will be able to exchange their digital assets for in-game characters, which they may then use to fight in a multiplayer, PVP, and PVE arena.

Players must explore a post-apocalyptic landscape using any resources they can find. Then fight their wits against each other in a fast-paced strategic battle that might decide the world’s destiny.

The people in charge are a diverse collection of gamers, programmers, and fantasy fans. With complete openness, including links to their official biographies and an active involvement in the NFT community.

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