One student is making $1 million USD from selling limited edition digital art pieces on the blockchain. The university’s creative commons license allows anyone to share and sell their work, with CryptoKitties creator Ryan Gray serving as a case study.

The “nft selfie” is a digital asset that represents the right to take a photo of oneself and sell it for $1 Million. This is a story about how one student made $1 Million from selling selfies.

Student Makes $1 Million From Selling Selfie NFTs

Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali, a 22-year-old from the United Arab Emirates, has generated over $1 million by selling pictures of himself as NFTs on OpenSea. Between the ages of 18 and 22, the Indonesian college student sold approximately 1000 of his daily snapped selfies, which were initially utilized as a method to look back on his graduation path.

On OpenSea, Ghozali, who goes by the handle ‘Ghozali Everyday,’ published almost 900 NFTs in December, all of which were photos of him standing or sitting at his computer. A little bit of background material was also added to the NFTs, which improved their feeling of rarity in hindsight.

Without expecting to attract any serious purchasers, the computer science student set the price of each NFT at a low of $3, along with the following message: “You may do anything you want with my images, but please don’t abuse them or my parents will be extremely disappointed in me.” I have faith in you, therefore please look after my photographs.”

Ghozali was mistaken in believing that his efforts were in useless, as his NFT offers exploded once major Crypto Twitter figures began purchasing and publicizing the collection. Crypto phile Arnold Poernomo expressed interest in the year of Ghozali by tweeting to his two million followers: “Ghozali occurred… the year of Ghozali.”

Individual NFTs were sold for 0.9 ETH (approximately $3000) in the collection’s total trading volume of 317 ETH (slightly over $1 million). As a result of Ghozali’s unexpected compensation, he made his first ever tax payment.

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The “ghozali everyday nft opensea” is a cryptocurrency that was created by a student who made $1 million from selling selfie NFTs. It is currently the most valuable non-fungible token on the market.

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