InaDAO is a store of the future, with NFTs as its main product. The company is poised to disrupt traditional retail and offer an ecosystem where customers can shop in-store or online for goods that are tradable on their own platform.

NFTs are the next step in crypto-gaming for companies. They allow users to trade, collect and even sell virtual assets like skins or avatars. This week InaDAO is our Store of the Week with a variety of unique items you can only find in this curated store!

The “InaDAO” is a store of the week. In this article, we will explore an interesting dao called the “metaverse dao.” The metaverse dao has a unique way to distribute its tokens, and it is also built on top of Ethereum.

Store of the Week — InaDAO - NFT News Today


The InaDAO was designed as a resource for women who want to learn more about the web3 world, especially the NEAR ecology.

I interviewed Tabea to have a better understanding of InaDAO’s operations and goals. She is not just one of the InaDAO’s creators, but also a community builder extraordinaire in the NEAR ecosystem.

In early 2021, she began working in the ecosystem as a community manager for the Arroz Criativo DAO in Lisbon. She’s been active with a number of DAOs since then, including:

Tabea and Smoked Falmon established the mutiDAO together (a Portuguese musician). She gained a deep understanding of the creative ecosystem as a result of her engagement in the mutiDAO, becoming a member of the creatives DAO council, co-founding numerous DAOs to help them get started and lead them, and working on DAO to DAO cooperation.


There are several DAOs in her journey, but we’re here to speak about the Ina DAO today. What exactly is it?

“INA DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) created by and for women. It’s supposed to be a place where women can get together to learn about web3, discuss ideas, and be creative. Regardless of origin, skin color, or region, the DAO supports individuals who identify as womxn, their creative ambitions, and initiatives. We exchange expertise and resources, and we promote collaboration by providing money via the Creatives DAO/ NEAR. Our first project, ‘My Gaia/ Mom,’ was released on Cryptovoxels and NEARhub on International Women’s Day [08.03.2022]. We asked artists to submit works that reflected their feelings for their moms. It’s a really personal approach, and we’ve gotten a lot of lovely artwork as a result. The contest’s three winners will be revealed shortly.”

In Esperanto, the name “Ina” means “female.” “Traditional art history has systematically barred or concealed women’s involvement in the arts,” according to their Store description. While female engagement in the arts has been expanding since the mid-twentieth century, there is still a long way to go before gender equality is achieved. At the same time, there is a huge potential for women to become involved in the crypto realm. This might be attributable, in part, to a lack of financial literacy based on gender stereotypes. We want to foster female representation in both areas at INA DAO, since we believe they may be connected in a positive manner. We’ve chosen to sponsor initiatives that assist increase awareness about this unique experience, not only ladies.”

The following is how the concept for a DAO to facilitate the entry of more women and non-cis-male persons into the web3 area came about:

“After a year in the ecosystem, I [Tabea] realized that web3 had two sides,” she says. One in which you can remain anonymous, regardless of your gender if you don’t wish to expose it (which provides more equality than in the physical world). The other side, which is extremely technical, is still controlled mostly by males. As a result, the goal was to provide an environment where women could openly ask questions and learn without being subjected to mansplaining or being humiliated only because of our gender. In addition, it should serve as a space that encourages cooperation rather than competition. After meeting so many great strong and knowledgeable women in the area, it only seemed natural to establish a DAO so that this knowledge could be shared and initiatives with this emphasis could be funded.”

The InaDAO council now consists of five women:

Tabea, Chloethedev, Gemini Rising, Juliana Mutsumura & Belén — forming a council that includes trans women, women of all different ages, and women of color. You truly can feel safe here.

Tabea co-founded this DAO with the goal of serving as the organization’s initial driving force, leading council members through all DAO-related matters until they no longer need it.

The shop’s description:

“For our first project, My Gaia/Mom, the shop was launched approximately a month ago. All contributions have been minted there, with blockchain being used to eliminate copying and provide clear ownership of the compositions, as well as the split royalties being used to support the artists and DAO once an NFT is purchased. The three winners will be revealed shortly, however the project is still in progress, and artists who want to mint their work for this project are welcome to do so.”

At this moment, everything art created on there is for the My Gaia/Mom project.

Buy something pleasant at

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Through mintbase’s feature which permits store owners to set default split royalties and revenues for EVERY transaction on that smart contract, the InaDAO store is able to redirect 25% of each sale to the DAO treasury. So here you can see the utility of these NFTs, you will be supporting a DAO created exclusively to support the female and non binary presence on NEAR & the web3 space!

Did any of this strike a chord with you? Are you interested in learning more about space and being involved in the NEAR ecosystem? InaDAO is open, and the shop is open; all they need now is for you to contact them!

These are the best places to start if you wish to join the Ina-DAO community: the Telegram conversation

their Twitter account

We at Mintbase are excited to see what this amazing collective has in store for us in the near future.

InaDAO is a decentralized, trustless and anonymous cryptocurrency that uses the NFT technology. It’s not just an app, but it’s also a store of value. InaDAO has been described as the “Ethereum of China” by some crypto experts. Reference: neptune dao.

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