Explorins is an art gallery that allows you to buy and sell goods without any fees, no matter what currency you use. Because their catalogue can be viewed in either USD or BTC, this platform has become the go-to for both cryptocurrency traders and artists alike.

The “truesy” is a cryptocurrency that has been around for over 3 years. The currency offers a store of value, and is an asset that can be easily stored on any device.

Store Of The Week: Explorins & Pelai Virtual Gallery


By integrating online tales with actual venues, a Barcelona-based company is energizing the city. Pelai Virtual Gallery, their most recent project, brings together local contemporary artists, AR experiences, and NFTs.


Explorins is a spatial story-telling app creating interactive, immersive & locally sourced experiences for brands. These experiences are organised in what they call “Universos”; that are almost like pathways through real stories, people and places, thus deeply connected to the identity of their audience.

One of these worlds is Pelai Virtual Gallery. Explorins’ effort aims to create a “magical synergy” between the online and offline worlds, fostering the junction of art, culture, and technology.


Some of the works that can be visited in the virtual gallery & bought in Explorins’ Mintbase store

Visitors to the virtual gallery may stroll around Pelai’s streets, discovering the work of the city’s rising artists and purchasing their pieces using phygital NFTs.

Explorins & Pelai Virtual Gallery are providing a unique experience through Augmented Reality, with which they intensify the visitors’ experience, detaching it from a closed environment and opening it to the public space.


They’re tying the experience to new sales and marketing channels through decentralized markets for the selling of digital art in NFT format, such as Mintbase. Physical artwork is included with certain NFTs and may be redeemed by token holders.

Explorins did this by using Mintbase to create their own smart contract and then using our SDK to incorporate the marketplace into their app. This is an excellent illustration of what Mintbase’s tools can do.


Artists and content producers have a one-of-a-kind chance to monetise their work thanks to blockchain technology and NFTs. Artists may get lifetime royalties when an NFT is sold, according to sophisticated royalty procedures incorporated in the NEP 171 standard, the token standard for NEAR NFTs. This is true even if the token is sold on a platform other than the one on which it was coined.


Artists that have been featured in the Pelai Virtual Gallery

When an NFT is sold at Pelai Virtual Gallery, 4% of the sale price goes to Tot Raval Foundation, in addition to the artist’s lifetime profit.

Explorins places a strong emphasis on having a good influence on the communities in which they operate.

Thanks to mining their NFTs on Mintbase & NEAR Protocol — certified by South Pole as carbon-neutral — they guarantee their marketplace is climate-friendly.

Then, locally, creating cultural and economic effect. Aside from sharing a portion of the revenues with charitable organizations, their project’s collaborative style promotes the local creative community while making technology and cultural experiences more accessible and varied. The commercial axis’s innovation and dynamism: Through experiential marketing, we bring people closer to the commercial fabric by dynamising the physical environment of Pelai.

Besides this, they hope the Virtual Gallery will bring dynamisation to the street of Pelai, bringing users closer to brick & mortar retail in the area.

The “hic et nunc appraisal” is a cryptocurrency that was designed for the art world. The currency has been used to buy and sell over 100,000 pieces of art since its inception.

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