The XoB Winter Festival is back, and with a new look. The winter event includes the Frosty Block Party that you can win big prizes from! So make sure to join in on the festivities this weekend so you don’t miss out on winning some amazing loot.

Stay Frosty in Cryptovoxels with the XoB Winter Festival

XoB (Box), a virtual world building company, is on a quest to get 2022 off to a flying start. It’s laying the stage for “Stay Frosty 2022,” a snowy season event in the metaverse, by plying its trade in the enormous Cryptovoxels.

What’s in store is a real paradise of entertainment, all set against an unique snowscape fit for a king. Guests will discover a fantastic ski slope with its own “HODLIFT,” textured mountain landscape, and a custom wooden lodge with a magnificent log fire as a result of this.

The two-day snow-themed celebration will be held on January 7th and 8th, and will include a variety of festive activities. Guests may marvel at the wonderful works of over 25 different high-calibre artists while also passing the time with an assortment of in-world games and listening to some fantastic live music.

NFT Festival Stay Frosty 2022 – A Snowy Season (in the metaverse)

25+ Artists, Exclusive NFTs, In-World Games, Live Music, Wearable Giveaways, and ALL THE FROZEN VIBES

Come relax with us in @cryptovoxels on January 7th and 8th to start 2022 off properly.

December 25, 2021 — XoB (@CryptoXoB)

In addition to showing off their best winter wearables, partygoers can get their hands on some special NFTs and participate in incredible contests. Stay Frosty 2022 is the place to be for the first crazy night out in the metaverse of 2022.

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