As one of the first major publishers to make a foray into blockchain gaming, Square Enix outlined their plans for doing so. The company is hoping to use decentralized tokens and asset management in order create more engaging games that are both sustainable and scalable.

Square Enix Outlines its Plans for Blockchain Gaming. Square Enix has announced that it will be utilizing the blockchain to create a new gaming platform called “NFT Letter.” The company also released a letter outlining the plans for the platform.

Square Enix Outlines its Plans for Blockchain Gaming

Square Enix, the developer, has released an open letter revealing its ambitions for the blockchain, which has enraged gamers once again. There was a chorus of fake anger aimed at these new-fangled non-fungibles, which some saw as the newest devil incarnate.

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda drafted the letter, which covers a variety of blockchain-powered initiatives the firm is actively studying. From the idea of a large gaming metaverse and the NFTs needed to fill it, to the possibility of a token-based economy and play-to-earn game mechanisms, there’s a lot to consider.

The business also highlighted its AI section, referring to it as a “entertainment” division, implying that the future it’s constructing is more about providing a holistic experience than simply casual gaming, and that the AI division’s capabilities would be used to power a new generation of metaverse avatars.

The comment that this new endeavor would sit alongside the present ecology is noteworthy, yet conveniently dismissed by the number of pitchfork wielders. As a result, Square Enix will likely produce both decentralized and centralized projects in the future, keeping platform favorites like Final Fantasy and NieR unaffected by the so-called “NFT plague.”

Click here to read Yosuke Matsuda’s whole letter.


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Square Enix has outlined its plans for blockchain gaming and revealed that it will be integrating with the ERC-721 token standard. The company also announced a new mobile game called “Fantasy Life” which will be released on the blockchain. Reference: square enix new year letter.

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