On December 28th, 2018, Metaverse’s first meetup was held in Decentraland. The event featured 200+ members from the community and included a debate on decentralized governance models for virtual worlds.

The “immutable x nft calendar” is a new event hosted by SpeakerHeads in Decentraland. The event will be held on December 18th, and will feature live music, virtual reality games, and more.

SpeakerHeads to Host “Metaverse Festival” in Decentraland

“This is a Metaverse Festival,” which will take place on a collision course with the weekend, will include mesmerizing tunes and non-fungible festivities, and will be hosted by music lovers, the SpeakerHeads.

The festivities begin at 10 p.m. UTC at Decentraland’s festival area and will go until 3 a.m. Mux Mool, KJ Sawka, FiFi Rong, Abana, Jelie, Yacobucci, and others lead a massive lineup of artists, with a sprinkling of special performances thrown in for good measure.


Additionally, festival attendees will have the chance to get some extra special treasures, like poster art NFTs, unique goods, and the compulsory POAP, as well as the occasional giveaway.

After the evening’s festivities, The London Underground will hold a magnificent gated afterparty with an as-yet-unconfirmed troop of performers and the crème of the SpeakerHeads community. Owners of participating NFTs and certain Decentraland paraphernalia, however, are the only ones who have access.

It’s time to indulge in some hedonistic behavior!

Check the full setlist and sign up >> Here

Head straight to the festival >> Here


SpeakerHeads is hosting a “Metaverse Festival” in Decentraland. The event will be held on December 1-2, 2018. Reference: upcoming nft mints.

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