Soulajit is a decentralized marketplace to buy and sell digital assets. VCCESS is an educational platform with blockchain-based learning games that have been downloaded more than 100,000 times. Combining their resources will allow them to create the ultimate player experience for people looking for new ways to learn about art history or philosophy in a videogame format.

The “vccess twitter” is a social media account that has been created by the team behind the Soulajit & VCCESS. The account will offer educational information about both cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology.

Soulajit & VCCESS Combine for Art Official Intelligence Educational NFTs

Soulajit, a multimedia artist who discovered the underlying beauty of metropolitan Los Angeles from poor beginnings, has risen to the towering heights of master in his industry. He’s created a plethora of fanciful works that span the disciplines of visual art, cinema, and music, all the while transporting viewers on a trip through the inner beauty that embodies his work.

Soulajit is now working on his most ambitious endeavor to date. VCCESS, a metaverse pioneer, has teamed up with us to educate and empower the next generation of digital artists. This powerful combination has collaborated to create the Art Official Intelligence (AOI) collection, resulting in a never-before-seen NFT experience.

Soulajit VCCESS Art Official Intelligence

AOI talks via the medium of Atom Angeles, Soulajit’s game-changing AI that will grow as the project follows its natural course, drawing influence from life in South L.A. Atom will lead users on a journey of discovery, providing them with the knowledge they need to develop and build out an NFT project. As a consequence, this masterclass in NFT manufacturing offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to dominate the business.

VCCESS and Soulajit Launch Pioneering NFTs

To help bring the project to life, Soulajit and VCCESS have created a series of stunning NFTs, each of which displays Atom in a harsh LA metropolitan setting. Atom will serve as a teacher and mentor throughout the next months, since this is more than simply an art project or an NFT collection. As a result, Atom will guide prospective designers through the finer nuances of NFT development and dissemination, taking them on a journey of discovery and education.

“I came to Los Angeles, like many others, to obtain something. I want a job, as well as fame and wealth. But the more I stayed here, the more I recognized how much the city had already given me, and I realized how vital it was to honor it.” Soulajit – Jeremy Ian Thomas

Soulajit VCCESS Art Official Intelligence

AOI is available at four different levels, ranging from $150 to $1000, with each tier offering a variety of wonderful perks to its owners. As a consequence, the base tier includes access to the private Discord, preferential participation in subsequent drops, and episode 1 of the NFT workshop.

Tier two also contains Episode 2, while Tier three includes a masterclass in 3D animation. VCCESS’ innovative Quantum Fingerprint Tag (QFT) technology allows the highest level NFTs to have a blockchain confirmed physical print.

The first NFT drop is available now in limited quantities on the project website, with five more NFT drops arriving over the following six months. So, if you’re a young artist having trouble breaking into NFTs, this may be the answer.

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