If you think of a game as something that takes place in the real-world, but with rules and objectives that are different from reality, then for example basketball would not be considered a game. In fact, many games have been made such as Minecraft or Skyrim where players create their own worlds or settings. Now imagine if someone like Snoop Dogg was able to collaborate with Gala Games on creating an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) which allowed users to purchase exclusive merchandise they could only get by owning these cards whilst being tagged at concerts he’s doing this year. This is just one scenario of how blockchain technology can benefit gaming industry moving forward

The “music nfts” is a new type of cryptocurrency that allows users to purchase digital music. Snoop Dogg and Gala Games have collaborated to launch this service.

Snoop Dogg Collabs with Gala Games to Launch Music NFTs

Through his new association with Gala Games Music, hip hop icon Snoop Dogg, who is already a significant A-list player within the NFT field, is expanding even farther into web3 ongoings. The Long Beach rapper’s new album, ‘B.O.D.R.’ (‘Bacc on Death Row,’) will be available as a ‘Stash Box’ of NFTs on the Gala Music Shop as part of the newly negotiated arrangement.

A total of 25,000 Stash Boxes are available for purchase, with each one costing $5,000. Each Stash Box will include one of the 17 track NFTs from the forthcoming album, for a total of 1,470 NFTs per song. The Stash Box sale will conclude at midnight PST on Sunday, February 13th, the same day the album will be officially released and Snoop will perform at the Super Bowl half-time show with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar.

Mega-fans of Snoop will be rewarded with a host of in-person and digital gifts, including an exclusive party at Snoop’s LA estate, admittance to an exclusive NFT-gated performance, and a variety of limited-edition souvenirs, if they collect the whole album of 17 NFT tunes.

Snoop’s music NFTs will also be featured in Gala Games’ games (more details coming soon), and the rapper has three new songs that will be published exclusively on the Gala Music platform.

The music legend, who has already contributed to the web3 landscape by dropping, buying, and even engaging in metaversal antics, expressed his support for the technology and its positive impact on the music industry in a recent statement: “If anything is constant, it’s that the music industry will always be changing.” Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize everything once again, tipping the scales in favor of artists and fans, and with this Gala Music partnership, we’ll be well in front of the pack.”

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