Sipher is a new game that combines the best of mobile gaming, trading card games and online role-playing. It’s going to be an extremely popular and profitable one too as it’s being run on blockchain technology. The company aims to raise $24 million in its token sale which launches today at 7 p.m GMT

Sipher RPG Readies for Hugely Anticipated Public Token Sale

Sipher, an upcoming Sci-Fi fantasy epic RPG, is gearing up for its much-awaited public token sale. On December 6, at 1 a.m. UTC, supporters of the cause may buy $SIPHER tokens on the official website.

This amazing token launch will last 72 hours and will be the first opportunity for fans to get their hands on some tasty $SIPHER. In all, 40 million tokens are available for purchase, accounting for 4% of the entire 1 billion coin supply, and each is priced at This incredible token launch will last for 72 glorious hours and represent the first chance for fans to get their hands on some delicious $SIPHER. All in all, 40 million tokens are up for grabs, making up 4% of the total 1 billion coin supply, each available for an initial price of just $0.36 per token..36 per token.

The large offering comes in the form of a bot-resistant format that also includes a fair distribution scheme. However, the Sipher team has discovered fraudulent Discord and Telegram channels claiming to be affiliated with the project, so proceed with care. As a result, everyone interested in the Sipher ecosystem must go to the official website.

In addition, an extra retroactive airdrop is in the works to honor the game’s early users. As a result, holders of Sipher genesis NFTs will get a bonus, with the overall amount earned based on the length of ownership. On December 14, the team will publish a list of eligible wallet addresses, with the airdrop expected to begin on March 1, 2022. Holders in the United States, however, are not eligible for the discount owing to legal considerations.

Retroactive $SIPHER Airdrop

We’re excited to announce that Genesis Sipher NFT holders will be eligible for a Retroactive Airdrop Claim!

Thank you to all of our OG supporters as well as new Sipheria members. See all the specifics here:

30 November 2021 — SIPHR (@SIPHERxyz)

Visit the Sipher official website >> Here