New cryptos are being introduced to both the gaming and blockchain industries. Through a partnership with CryptoSea, Shuffle Shark is adding some of these new cryptocurrencies as NFTs in its platform. These newly minted assets will be sold on the open market for players who buy them.

The “where do you buy nfts” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to the question is that they are being sold on CryptoSea.

Shuffle Shark NFTs Coming from the CryptoSea to Protect the Oceans

A trio of gorgeous, cool, and quirky sharks emerges from the depths of the CryptoSea and swims onto the Solana blockchain. The initiative, dubbed “Shuffle Sharks,” will employ NFTs as a springboard to defend the world’s marine ecology, which is in desperate need of protection.

The Sharks have a total of 10,000 distinct pixelated patterns and are created in light subdued pastel colors. Each shark costs 0.66 SOL and comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, styles, and special abilities. There are also 15 ultra-rare Sharks produced by hand that are totally distinct from the rest of the collection, as well as 250 limited-edition Sharks with a companion characteristic to add to their rarity.

The creation of a new metaverse called CryptoSea on the Solana blockchain is at the heart of the project. The Shuffle Sharks are the first known species to emerge from the CryptoSea, followed by Salty Shrimps in March and six additional species afterwards. More collections, such as Shrimp, Crab, Octopus, Fish, Dolphin, Shark, Whale, and Humpback, have been added to the CryptoSea, which was inspired by the Bitcoin holder ranking system. Holders of all eight species, on the other hand, are eligible for the Grand Finale treasure trove!


The Shuffle Sharks’ Long-Term Prospects

Each Shuffle Shark will symbolize a Salty Shrimp NFT that may be claimed. In March 2022, they’ll take a plunge in the Cryptosea. Meanwhile, the creators of the launch will get to work on expanding the ocean-themed metaverse. An program that will see significant virtual land assets purchased on Solana-based portals. Members will be able to incorporate their marine-themed items, connect with the community, compete in games, and participate in weekly challenges in this great venue’s Shuffle Shark ecology. All of it involves spectacular special guests, incredible airdrops, and wonderful prizes.

The Shuffle Sharks crew will eventually adopt 100 magnificent marine animals. One fortunate owner has been certified as an adoptive shark parent. Shuffle Shark fans may enter a lottery to win an amazing shark diving vacation to South Africa, which is the largest of all rewards. Each NFT in the collection will therefore represent a certain number of lottery tickets. The rarest sharks are given the greatest opportunities.

A collection of crypto enthusiasts, marketing nerds, and blockchain engineers make up the project’s crew. They want to give back to the community with half of the revenue. Half will be used for a buyback and airdrop program, while the other half will be used for community development.

The construction of a DAO, an online merchandising shop featuring CryptoSea clothes, and the release of a native token that can be swapped, traded, and spent in the game and online store are all in the works for the future. Let’s go into the CryptoSea now!

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