ShiGGa Shay is a rapper with an affinity for the highly-anticipated release of her new album, “FABRICATION”. While there are no upcoming tour dates or set releases in sight, you can get your fix now. ShiGGa dropped some limited edition SpaceBars NFTs that come paired with a track from the upcoming album.

ShiGGa Shay is a rapper from the United States. He dropped his first album in 2009, and he has been releasing music since then. On December 13th of 2017, he released his newest album titled “ShiGGa SHay Drops SPACEBARS NFTs With Accompanying Track.”

ShiGGa Shay Drops SPACEBARS NFTs with Accompanying Track

ShiGGa Shay, a Singaporean rapper, is releasing a 16-bar tune and an NFT collection based on artwork from a prior project. The ‘SPACEBARS: PRELUDE’ collection will include several collected items that will unlock various regions of incentives for his admirers.  

The NFTs will be available in nine different 3D animated card varieties, each with its own tier of rarity, when SPACEBARS: PRELUDE launches on April 13th. There will be 900 Common cards, 90 Rare cards, and 9 Ultra Rare cards issued in ‘Mystery Packs.’ Each pack will include one card, for a total of 999 packets available. Each will include space exploration artwork inspired by Shay’s 2020 EP ‘365,’ made by Singaporean street artist EBAO and produced in 3D by Wild Portals in the United States. 

On top of an ethereal rhythm from UK producer superjdoug, a frequent collaborator of Shay’s, the accompanying track has an injection of NFT and otherworldly wordplay. The song and NFTs will be based on three separate scenes from Shay’s abstract astronaut adventure, with each NFT unlocking four bars of the song, to connect the melodic piece of art with the collection’s digital artworks.

With this in mind, collectors of all three NFT scenes (regardless of rarity) will be able to unlock the complete song, allowing them to redeem a ‘Original Legendary’ NFT that includes the entire 16-bar music. 

Holders of the Rare and Ultra Rare cards will also get access to online listening sessions of unreleased songs with Shay and his producers, as well as a video shout out from the rapper.

“What’s exciting for me is how NFTs and blockchain technology are going to transform the music business,” the rapper said of the collection. I’m ecstatic about the many possibilities that music will open up in the NFT area.”

The rapper’s entry into NFTs is unsurprising, as he has already established himself as a music technology pioneer, as evidenced by his role as the first Southeast Asian artist to host a virtual concert in which audiences were transported to a 360-degree environment, as well as his performance as an avatar in mixed reality at the first-ever Global Esports Games.

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The “shigga meaning” is a cryptocurrency that uses the NFTs technology. The currency is named after its creator, who goes by the name of ShiGGa Shay.

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