The first-ever live football show in the Metaverse is set to take place on blockchain
September 29th, 2018. Fans will be able to watch matches from around Europe’s top division at their own pace, and interact with players during live commentary. The match between Juventus FC and AS Roma promises to give viewers an immersive experience of a different kind when they enter ‘The Metaverse’.

Serie A Host First-Ever Live Football Showing in the Metaverse

The top-flight football league in Italy, Serie A, became the first live broadcasters of a football match in the metaverse on Sunday. The footballing magnificence on offer matched the historic event, with a match between local heavyweights AC Milan and Fiorentina, in which supporters watched the former victory 1-0, propelling them to the league’s all-important top.

The first-of-its-kind event was the result of a partnership between ConsenSys, a multibillion-dollar blockchain technology firm, and The Nemesis, a gaming platform. The match was streamed from The Nemesis metaverse’s Serie A room, a virtual area that is used to hold a variety of live events such as concerts and parties.

Despite the metaverse’s inherent accessibility, this event was limited to fans from Africa and the Middle East (i.e. the MENA area), who were able to purchase NFT tickets for exclusive admission to the virtual watching. The spectating virtual room allowed spectators to connect with one another and get real-time data during the game, much as they would if they were watching sports in a physical setting.

Luigi De Siervo, Serie A’s CEO, said of the project, “We feel that the frontier of technical innovation is highly crucial for a contemporary league.”

Take a peek at the virtual space >> Trailer