SEGA is taking a tentative look at blockchain gaming, with the hopes of finding interesting ways to incorporate new technology. The company has announced it will partner with Playkey on an upcoming blockchain-powered game. This marks one of the first major strides taken by any gaming company in embracing this emerging trend

SEGA has released a statement that they are taking a tentative look at the idea of NFT and blockchain gaming. This is a great step for the future of gaming, as it will allow for more games to be created on the blockchain.

SEGA Takes a Tentative Look at NFT and Blockchain Gaming

Following a wave of anti-NFT sentiment, gaming giant SEGA is adopting a cautious approach to the nascent technology. As a result, it has made it quite apparent that it will avoid NFTs if they serve as a blatant cash grab.

SEGA has a sizable fund set aside for research and development, and it’s no secret that it’s looking into the blockchain and NFT sectors. Following a series of high-profile social media witch hunts, SEGA is now determined to avoid its competitors’ blunders. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. recently reversed their NFT plans in the face of social media backlash, while Ubisoft faced a deluge of online criticism that it blatantly disregarded.

Haruki Satomi, the company’s president, gave himself a pass by saying, “If it is regarded as simply money-making, I would prefer to make a choice not to continue.” “We need to carefully analyze several things,” he said, “such as how we might lessen the unfavorable parts.”

Furthermore, the SEGA CEO said that there are a lot of legal difficulties with the technology, which must adhere to local and international standards in order to function on a global scale.

Is this enough to appease the enraged crowd? Most likely not. The fact that the gaming giant is taking its blockchain duties seriously is heartening.


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The “square enix blockchain games” is a tentative look by SEGA at NFT and Blockchain Gaming. They are planning on releasing their own blockchain game called “Sonic Forces.”

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