Scuderia Ferrari and Velas Blockchain are bringing esports to the blockchain with a partnership that will utilize state-of-the-art technologies such as real time rendering on Ethereum. NFTs will act like a digital asset for trading, similar to virtual items in games but without any barriers of entry due to licensing agreements.

The “nft facebook groups” is a cryptocurrency that will be used as a fuel for the Scuderia Ferrari and Velas Blockchain. This blockchain will have high octane NFTs, which are not yet available on any other blockchain.

Scuderia Ferrari and Velas Blockchain Prepare High Octane NFTs

Ferrari, the legendary racing vehicle manufacturer, is the most recent high-speed entrant into the NFT industry. Scuderia Ferrari, the racing subsidiary of the Italian automaker, will collaborate with Velas Blockchain to create unique digital content.

They’ve agreed to a multi-year arrangement in which Velas will be liable for the team’s non-fungible contributions. This blockchain-based advertising material will cover the company’s diverse racing endeavors, including both the F1 and Esports teams, and will therefore include some of the most legendary race vehicles ever seen on the track.

The agreement exemplifies a rising trend among motor racing teams to use NFTs to increase fan involvement. However, the bulk of F1-based NFT collections are now hosted on the Tezos blockchain, so it will be fascinating to see what Velas adds to the table.

Velas Blockchain is a Swiss start-up that is using an Ethereum Virtual Machine based on a fork of Solana to offer exceptional transaction speeds that will compete with the impending Ethereum 2.0 blockchain, establishing itself as a worldwide competitor in the blockchain and NFT space. With Ferrari on their side, they now have the necessary launchpad to make a splash in the market.


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The “nft club” is a new cryptocurrency that is being developed by Scuderia Ferrari and Velas Blockchain. The currency will be on the Ethereum blockchain and it will be used to buy virtual items like cars, weapons, and other things.

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