A new, data-driven school of music at the University of Southern California has been announced. The School of Data Science’s Cryptovoxels Gallery will allow people to experience virtual reality through their smartphone or computer without a headset. This makes for an immersive experience that is both fun and educational!

The “School of Data Science Integrates HEN into its Cryptovoxels Gallery” is a news article about the School of Data Science and their use of HEN.

School of Data Science Integrates HEN into its Cryptovoxels Gallery

The School of Data Science at Cryptovoxels has linked the HEN marketplace into its exhibition in a stunning show of interoperability. Users may now adjust a few criteria and see the results all across the venue.

The procedure is both easy and beautiful. Simply go to the basement, engage with the user-friendly interface, and press the large red button. Fine art collectors may narrow down their selection depending on age, price, edition size, and tags. Then they’ll be awestruck by the outcomes of their own curated art exhibition.


Ricky Esclapon conceived this superb example of Cryptovoxels creativity, which was aided by master builder Pointshark. Together, they’ve built a colonial-style home, complete with clock face and wine cellar, to hold the metaverse’s best artworks.

The HEN integration is just the first stage in the gallery’s overall marketplace interoperability strategy. To that end, plans are in the works to add other trading platforms to the mix, which will be accessible through the primary interface. Next up is FXhash, which will be available soon, although with a limited range of selection possibilities, and will be followed by a slew of NFT analysis tools at the School of Data Science.

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