“NFTs” are the new cryptotokens on the block. They’re digital assets that can be placed in a game or NFT-based application and then used to purchase goods in-game, have power over characters, access certain areas of games more quickly, etc. The technology is only just beginning to get traction but it’s poised for an explosion into mainstream adoption:

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Samsung Updates its Flagship Smart TVs with NFT Tech

As NFTs continue to dominate the digital scene, world-renowned businesses are starting to pay attention. Samsung, the IT behemoth, is now attempting to cash in on the non-fungible craze by incorporating NFT technology into its newest TVs.

Samsung will include a “NFT Aggregation Platform” into its MicroLed, Neo QLED, and The Frame display lines from the start. As a result, TV owners and NFT fans will be able to search, trade, and show NFTs on their screens.

https://t.co/1buqCwmQ9d pic.twitter.com/xL0zAt2CLQ Samsung is installing NFTs in its smart TVs https://t.co/1buqCwmQ9d

January 3, 2022 — Engadget (@engadget)

The redesigned UI will have a home page that showcases a number of popular NFTs from some of the most popular markets, as well as the ability to go deeper and search for the ideal asset, collectable, or artwork, as well as the ability to buy and sell NFTs via the interface.

Additionally, the upgraded technology will enable ardent collectors to exhibit their precious possession. Samsung’s incredible technology will then adjust its settings depending on the preferences of the original inventor, therefore permanently replacing the customary black emptiness left by idle TVs with a sublime piece of digital beauty. Or, you know, a poorly drawn doodle of a cat, whatever your heart desires.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFT on Samsung?

A: Non-Fungible Token is a cryptocurrency term for a digital asset that can not be divided into parts and reissued.

What is NFT on tv?

A: NFT is short for Non-Fungible Token, the cryptocurrency that makes it possible to own custom digital items such as cryptokitties without paying actual money.

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