The rise of blockchain and cryptocurrency has been a major boon for esports. New projects have popped up everywhere, with some receiving significant investment as well. The latest project is no different; it’s called Rumble Kong League (RumbleKong) and the goal is to provide a tournament setting on mobile devices using crypto tokens that players can win or trade.

Rumble Kong League Raises $4.5 Million in Seed Funding

The Rumble Kong League, a primate-driven basketball expedition, has secured an impressive $4.5 million in its newest round of seed investment, enabling the ball-tossing primates to accelerate the growth of their play-to-earn juggernaut.

JDS Crypto, a cryptocurrency investment business, led the newest round of fundraising, with other investments coming from Skyvision Capital, Animoca Brands, Framework Ventures, CAA Sports, and others.

Rumble Kong League will now utilize the additional revenue to further the development of its ecosystem, allowing fans to have the finest possible play-to-earn experience. The end product is projected to be an exciting blend of sports skill, gleaming artifacts, play-to-earn games, and fashion, with the whole game releasing in 2022.

The Rumble Kong League has raised $4.5 million!

It’s time to put on a show! We’re announcing our Seed fundraising round and showcasing our incredible partners, all of whom will help us take RKL to new heights.

Here’s how to find out more:

— December 14, 2021, Rumble Kong League (@RumbleKongs)

The game revolves on a 10k ape collection that was released in July and has already garnered a total resale volume of over 12k ETH, as well as its own fashion line. These primates will then serve as the centerpiece of a 3v3 basketball empire, in which players will compete in teams for real-world cryptocurrency prizes.

In the Rumble Kong jungle, who will rule supreme? It’s impossible to say.


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