Decentralized application development has been a hot topic in 2018. Even as the industry grows, we are still dealing with issues of trust and centralization. The Robust Protocol Standard (RPS) is an Ethereum-based framework that aims to provide a solution for these problems by building on top of existing decentralized protocols like Graphene and ZCash’s zkSNARKs, providing end-to-end security without trusting anyone except participants in the game. Weaker players can’t cheat stronger ones because they have no way to control their opponent’s position or hashrate, while strong players aren’t able to exploit underpowered opponents because RPS incentivizes them not only through monetary compensation but also via transparency into how well others are playing at any given time so they know what they could’ve won had their moves succeeded instead of failing.,

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RPS Brings Robust Impartial Decision Making to the Web3 Community

Occasionally, a conflict may occur that necessitates the use of a totally objective and unbiased decision-making medium. This is also true in the Web3 environment, just as it is in the real world. What better method to resolve those digital squabbles than with the international peacekeeping classic, Rock Paper Scissors? (RPS).

To make all of this feasible, RPS created its own Web3 oracle service, a complex software that employs a unique set of zero-sum mathematical models designed expressly to provide cold, hard, unbending justice inside the Web3 architecture. As a result, the digital masses can make secure, pure, and provably fair decisions. Until the end of time, everything is kept on-chain.

RPS is introducing a big collection of high-quality 3D NFTs to allow the project in order to support it and supply the hands required for such an offering. 10k freshly sharpened scissors will be the first to touch the blockchain, causing a frenzy of expectation and excitement.

RPS NFT Oracle Decision Making

RPS Scissors are on the way out, and there’s a lot more.

RPS’ incredible non-fungibles are the result of over 200 randomized features, resulting in one-of-a-kind non-fungibles of the highest order. Each handmade, provably one-of-a-kind item is the culmination of months of design and logistical labor, showcasing some of the most valuable collectibles on the blockchain. Furthermore, since each one’s data is saved via IPFS, it will stay inextricably linked to the blockchain until the sun bursts.

A limited number of ultra-rare customised VIP NFTs are already circulating through the goliath that is OpenSea, giving its owners with a slew of extra privileges. Furthermore, on March 18, at 12 p.m. PST, the first large drop will take place for whitelist members exclusively. The remaining pieces in the 10k scissors collection will then be put up for public auction a week later.

In the second and third quarters of the year, a beautiful collection of Paper and Rock NFTs will arrive on the blockchain.

PFP Isn’t Just a PFP

A PFP project that offers nothing more than a nice image and a Discord group to debate its merits is all too common. RPS, on the other hand, wants to blast the competitors out of the water with a set of incredible, concrete advantages that will materialize right in front of its owners’ eyes.

RPS will first and primarily provide its services throughout the metaverse to resolve Web3 issues as they emerge. Non-members of the RPS ecosystem will be charged a small price to access the oracle. After that, 50% of the fees will be distributed as incentives to NFT holders, offering an extra source of passive income simply for being a part of the community.

RPS will also incorporate NFT staking into its ecosystem to boost earning possibilities even more, as well as offer a fantastic 50 ETH treasure hunt after the first sale.

RPS NFT Oracle Decision Making

So, go over to RPS and join in on the fun with the brand new Oracle, which will assist you in making all of life’s tough choices.

Learn more about RPS >> Here

Check out the VIP Scissors on OpenSea >> Here


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