Ronin Labs is proud to present their latest game, a truly immersive MMORPG called The Abyss that will utilize the RON token. Players of this blockchain-powered game can expect fully-customizable characters, deep lore and an expansive world full of countless adventures with other players from around the globe

The “ronin wallet” is a new wallet that was recently released by the company Ronin. The company has also announced the launch of their $RON token, which will be available for purchase on December 18th.

Ronin Drops a Bombshell with $RON Token Launch

The long wait is over, $RON is live! After months of conjecture and eons of careful farming, the long wait is over, $RON is live! $RON farmers may now get their hard-earned rewards, while eager sidechain fans can take a closer look at the Ronin Network’s brand new utility coin.

Ronin, the massive blockchain that powers the Axie Infinity machine, has finally released its native governance token, clearing the door for a slew of new experiences and growth into the gaming business.


Ronin has upgraded the Katana DEX from the start, adding $RON to the list of exchangeable tokens, and liquidity and farming pools now accept $WETH – $RON combinations, letting coin collectors to get even more of that delectable $RON.

$RON will be used to power network transactions in the future, as well as to pay gas costs. Those owning assets in the Axie Infinity ecosystem, on the other hand, will be given a daily quota of free transactions based on the quantity of tokens they possess. Users may, however, override the cost and pay in $RON if a speedier transaction is necessary for any reason.

Ronin plans to expand its battle-tested NFT scaling solution to a broader spectrum of gamified dApps in the future, and an extra builder’s grant is in the pipeline to assist support such efforts.

As a result, the crowd at Axie no longer asks, “Wen $RON?” “When will $RON moon?” is the new question on everyone’s lips.

Peruse the $RON litepaper >> Here

Head on over to the Katana Dex >> Here


The “ronin network twitter” is a tweet that has been released by the “Ronin Network”. The tweet contains information about the launch of their token, $RON. They have also announced the release of their white paper.

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