Rollbit Crypto Casino, owned by BitNautic Ltd., has launched Rollbot NFTs with utility. The platform is powered by the first fully-featured blockchain game store and built for gamers to earn rewards through gameplay while playing in an online casino environment.

Crypto casino platform Rollbit is launching a new product called “Rollbot” which features interactive, collectible NFTs. These will be used as virtual assets in the game and can also be traded on an exchange for cryptocurrency or fiat currency.The Rollbit Cryptocurrency Casino website has launched a new feature that allows users to own an NFT digital token of their choice. Players will be able to add the cryptocurrency tokens on the site and use them in games, flipping cards for prizes or trading them with other players.Rollbit Crypto Casino has launched Rollbot NFTs with Utility. The new product offers a way for users to buy nft’s without having to spend their cryptocurrency on them. Read more in detail here: where do you buy nfts.

NFT aficionados have been intrigued by a project that offers unique access to one of the major bitcoin casinos trading platforms. These Pixar-style digital artifacts, dubbed “Rollbots,” function as a customized VIP membership card, similar to the one you’d receive at a traditional casino. You will become a Rollbit VIP member if you possess a one-of-a-kind Rollbot NFT. With over 1,000 games to pick from, Rollbit provides an exciting casino experience.

Benefits and Usefulness

From the moment you purchase a Rollbot NFT, or NFTs, you have access to a wealth of features. This includes the ability to create your own Rollboxes, profit sharing from the Rollbit NFT marketplace, a portfolio of new Rollbot-themed games, access to an exclusive Rollbot Lottery, and an expanded reward program for your Rollbit casino and trading account.

Holders of Rollboxes may establish their own mini-casino game, in which they can use their own NFTs as prizes and participate in the money earned. There’s also the Enhanced Reward Program, which gives Rollbot collectors a higher rakeback rate on their Rollbit casino and trading accounts. While the regular rakeback is 5%, possessing a Rollbot will give you an extra 5% to 20% depending on the rarity of the body characteristic.

NFT Marketplace by Rollbit

In addition, the team just built an easy-to-use and unique NFT marketplace that provides customers with several benefits. There are no Ethereum gas fees for users; buyers can buy NFTs with BTC, ETH, or LTC; NFTs can be sold and earnings withdrawn using any three of these cryptocurrencies; a whitelist of more than 120 collections to prevent fake NFTs from being sold; and 50% of the profits are shared with Rollbot NFT holders who stake their Rollbots.

Holders of Rollbots may earn a percentage of the marketplace’s revenues by staking them, which can be claimed every Thursday at 19:00 UTC. The average amount gained by holders who bet their Rollbots was $49.82 in the first week of payments, with over 800 distinct stakers.

Those who have staked Rollbots have the chance to earn even more as the marketplace grows in popularity and new features are deployed. If just a tiny portion of the whole NFT market is captured by Rollbit’s marketplace, those who have staked Rollbots will benefit more.


The Long Run

Also in the works are several fun NFT gambling games, as well as a fantastic second-generation Rollbots NFT collection. This collection will have a sports theme to coincide with the debut of Rollbit’s sportsbook service.

Holders will benefit from profit sharing in the future X-Crash game, with the proportion of profit shared determined by the eyes characteristic of a Rollbot. Other Rollbot-themed games will be created as well, with every Rollbot NFT entitle you to a portion of the revenues made by these new games.

The Rollbot Lottery is another entertaining bonus. Every holder will be put into the draw, and you will be eligible for a set amount of lottery tickets based on the rarity of your Rollbot. In addition to the lottery and profit-sharing for new games, the NFT marketplace will be improved to make it more competitive.

You can buy a Rollbot using a Rollbit account, which saves you money on Ethereum gas costs and gives you the choice to pay in BTC or LTC. Because each Rollbot is an ERC-721 token, it may be transferred from Rollbit to your own wallet. These amazing digital art treasures are well worth the hype, providing more usefulness and cash rewards than the majority of other ventures.

Rollbit’s Background

Rollbit was founded in February 2020 by a group of entrepreneurs that had a love for online gaming and are dedicated to providing its customers with unique and enjoyable experiences. It has grown to become one of the most popular brands and crypto casinos, with over $1 billion in total wagers. Casino games, in-house games, bonus battles, challenges, high-leverage crypto trading, and crypto portfolios are all available on Rollbit. Rollbots are the company’s initial foray into the NFT ecosystem, with more NFT-related services on the way.

Rollbit is on Twitter.


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