Revomon, a blockchain-based decentralized marketplace for online games, is launching its new Burn to Earn feature. This revolutionary function will allow players to earn tokens by burning their in-game assets like rare items and crystals. Players are also able to spend their earnings on game purchases from the platform’s store.,

Revomon has launched a new feature that is called “Burn-to-Earn”. The Burn-to-Earn feature allows users to earn up to 100% of the value of their in-game purchases by burning their purchased game currency.

Revomon Launches Excellent New Burn-to-Earn Feature

Revomon, an open world monster battling arena, has added a fantastic new “Burn to Earn” mechanic to its platform. Gamers will be able to receive incentives in the future for getting rid of their undesirable digital pets.

The one-time Pokemon VR will begin awarding players with $REVO tokens for throwing their little creatures into the burning pit at the end of January. In this brand-new gameplay mechanism, qualified creatures captured in combat will be changed to the platform’s native token.

To take part, players must first obtain R3V-UP, a mechanical sidekick that effectively enables the game’s NFT features. Following that, unwary monsters may be incinerated if they are of the same rarity, and in the case of common and rare Revomon, they are of the same kind. Once these criteria have been completed, players are allowed to burn their hard-won artifacts.

Revomon Burn to Earn

Revomon has generated a set of floor costs for each species to kick off the functionality. As a result, players will be able to start earning right away. As the team gathers more information, these prices will adjust to reflect their true value in the game. Revomon will begin distributing the 11 million $REVO tokens set aside for play-to-earn games, accounting for 11% of the total token supply, to support the update.


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