The update was a major milestone for the WAX platform, as it allowed users to easily and securely store value in their private wallets. The updates also improved performance and minimized resource consumption by eliminating redundant data processes. Although some minor bugs were experienced during the first day of release, overall feedback has been very positive with a few hundred new accounts registered on Reddit alone.

The “how to redeem nft on wax wallet” is a recent update that reduces the resource costs for explorers. The new update will allow users to claim and use their NFTs without having to pay for hosting.

Reduced Resource Costs for Explorers due to WAX Cloud Wallet Update


For new and current Explorers, Alien Worlds now covers greater WAX CPU expenses.

The WAX Cloud Wallet has been updated.

The WAX team, makers of the WAX blockchain (Worldwide Asset eXchange), recently revealed in an article that a 5 WAXP account creation charge is now needed for all newly established accounts in order to increase RAM and CPU availability to existing and future wallet users.

What Does This Mean for AW Explorers Right Now?

The increased RAM and CPU will undoubtedly be appreciated by existing Explorers of Alien Worlds players. In the end, the upgrade will lessen the requirement to stake WAX in order to get wallet resources.

Alien Worlds replenished its users’ WAX CPU for 23 lifetime transactions prior to the upgrade. Alien Worlds is now augmenting each Explorer’s WAX CPU charges of 25 transactions per day. Players on WAX who play Alien Worlds will begin getting these additional transactions today.

New Users

Go to to create a WAX Cloud Wallet account, and see the WAX page for further information on how to transfer WAX to the wallet.

Looking Forward

Alien Worlds use data is publicly accessible on chain thanks to our on-chain architecture. We’re keeping an eye on user behavior to see whether wallet changes have an influence on their experience. Furthermore, we are currently working on methods to enhance the Alien Worlds experience for Explorers and are investigating a variety of ideas, including raising the amount of free daily transactions in the near future to boost Explorers’ Mining efforts, allowing you to flourish in the Metaverse.

Alien Worlds is typically one of the top blockchain games on DappRadar ranking lists, with over 5 million players and over 10 million daily plays. In the Social Metaverse, Alien Worlds has motivated artists to create, share, and prosper. The Federation would like to express its gratitude to all Explorers who helped make this possible.

What would you do if you had the power to create anything? Use the Trilium (TLM) game token to join the Alien Worlds simulation of Earth’s economy. In the Trilium and NFT Social Metaverses, seek your fortune and prosper. Begin by visiting and entering the Wormhole, then begin mining at Alien Worlds welcomes you!

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The “wax blockchain” is a new update to the WAX platform that has reduced resource costs for explorers. The update will allow users to mine Wax and other cryptocurrencies in a more cost-effective way.

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