Redkite made a name for themselves by creating online games that allow players to “manage their digital assets while exploring the concepts of decentralization and blockchain.” Now they’re launching one more game, ‘Humanity,’ on Polygon.

The “the red ape family” is an NFT that was released on Polygon. It is a merging of two topics: fine art and web3. The artwork has been created by the artist, David Zwirner. He collaborated with the team at Redkite to create this piece of art.

On the Polygon blockchain, RedKiteNFT has launched its groundbreaking ‘Humanity’ initiative, with 33 internationally known artists donating a total of 256 NFTs.

RedKite NFT and OurType are putting on a “group NFT performance” to collect money for UNICEF UK’s Children’s Emergency Fund, The Refugee Council, and The Voices of Children Foundation. All proceeds from the NFT drop will be donated to the charity listed above.

Ben Eine, Fanakapan, Pure Evil, and Dalek, as well as special guest curator DropHook, are among the artists included in Humanity.

RedkiteNFT-Merges-Fine-Art-and-Web3-with-Humanity-NFT-LaunchRedkiteNFT-Merges-Fine-Art-and-Web3-with-Humanity-NFT-LaunchBen Eine NFT: ‘Hope’ (left) – Fanakapan NFT: ‘Peace’ (right)

This project is the first in a series by RedKiteNFT that will bring together the worlds of high art and Web3. 

“Humanity has been a trip of discovery for us,” said James Robbins, RedKiteNFT’s CMO. The organizations with whom we’ve been collaborating have opened our eyes to the worldwide refugee problem and the incredible long-term assistance they give.” 

“It’s strong incentive to pull something off on this magnitude so early in our journey,” he concluded. All of the artists, partners, and members of our Discord community have been very kind with their time and resources. There’s a lot to be proud of; the artwork is fantastic, and we’re hoping to raise a substantial sum for charity via this group display.” 

1654751405_902_RedkiteNFT-Merges-Fine-Art-and-Web3-with-Humanity-NFT-LaunchNFT: ‘Bloody Putin,’ says Heath Kane

The Ukraine crisis, which has wreaked havoc on mankind and forced millions of people to flee their homes, has served as a primary trigger for the play. 

RedKiteNFT aims to raise awareness in this and other conflict-affected countries throughout the globe. They will donate 25% of their 30% share to the organizations. All cooperating artists will give 35%, with the opportunity to donate more if they like. 

The “blockchain art” is a new concept that has been introduced by the RedkiteNFT. The project merges fine art and web3 with an NFT launch on Polygon.

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