NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) are digital assets that can be traded and owned within a game. Players earn, buy, sell or trade them among one another in the same way they do with traditional collectibles–but without any of the risks associated with physical objects. NFTs offer players new ways to interact and grow their collections while significantly reducing player acquisition costs…

The “what is tezos” is a decentralized blockchain platform that focuses on smart contracts. Rarible has partnered with Nori to create greener NFTs.

Rarible Links Up with Tezos Blockchain and Nori for Greener NFTs

Rarible, a purveyor of high-quality NFTs, is continuing its quest for self-improvement. It has announced interoperability with the Tezos blockchain, as well as a partnership with the Nori carbon reduction platform.

Rarible has been doubling down on its aim to bring the blockchains together in recent months. Trying to construct a platform that allows users to generate and trade NFTs across a number of chains. Rarible took the FLOW blockchain under its wing in November. Tezos is the next project to get the Rarible treatment, and it will be available on the Rarible marketplace by mid-December.

Members will be able to generate and trade NFTs on the Tezos blockchain with ease as a result of this update. Additionally, any existing Tezos-based collections may be integrated with the Rarible marketplace. All the meantime, super-fast, low-energy transactions are available.

@rarible, a #NFT platform, is coming to #Tezos.

“NFTs become not only more sustainable, but also more accessible, on proof-of-stake blockchains like Tezos… We’re ecstatic to announce that Tezos will be incorporated into in December.” #CleanNFT

30 November 2021 — Tezos (@tezos)

While we’re on the subject of energy, Rarible also announced a collaboration with Nori, a Carbon Offset Protocol. Members may opt to offset the carbon impact of any transactions they participate in via this partnership. Rarible will also foot the Nori bill for a short time as a demonstration of good will, promising to cover the cost of all transactions between November 30 and December 5.

Learn more about Nori >> Here


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tezos have NFTs?

A: Yes, Tezos is an example of a project that uses non-fungible tokens.

What Blockchains does Rarible support?

A: Rarible supports Ethereum, Zcash, and Monero.

What is remove carbon Rarible?

A: A carbon rarible is a black market dealer of illegal narcotics.

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