Rarible believes that making games an open-source platform will allow for more creativity and diversity. Lazy Minting allows developers to mint new assets on the fly, rather than having to buy them from a third party.

Rarible, a blockchain-based gaming platform for creators and gamers announced their new “Lazy Minting” feature today. This allows anyone to create an item with no mining whatsoever – yet still be rewarded proportionally to the number of items they’ve created over time. The company also introduced RAR token as its native currency.

Rarible is a cryptocurrency that has introduced the “Lazy Minting” feature to empower creators. This feature allows users to mint coins without having to spend any gas.

Rarible, the leading NFT marketplace, has implemented a new feature to empower artists and decrease the platform’s entrance barrier. The new option, dubbed “Lazy Minting,” enables users to postpone minting until the point of purchase.

The somewhat expensive procedures needed in accessing the NFT arena are one of the key issues for emerging artists. Members must traditionally mint artwork before selling it. And, since goods must first be committed to the blockchain, the process may be costly. Rarible, on the other hand, has realized that this isn’t in the artist’s best interests.

The burden of minting is transferred to the customer by transferring the point of creation to a later segment of the chain. Artists are free to create without this added burden, and the blockchain necessitates less energy-intensive transactions. This means that any unsold artwork will never need to be minted.

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October 18, 2021 — Rarible (@rarible)

To make use of this feature, go to the NFT creation page as usual. Then, from the drop-down menu, choose “Free minting.” Rarible will keep track of the item off-chain until it is purchased, keeping the artwork until it is sold.

>> Here’s where you can try Lazy Minting.


The “rarible collection” is a new feature that allows creators to mint their own coins. The creator can then trade these coins for other cryptocurrencies or spend them on the Rarible platform.

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