The Top 4 Decentraland Wearables Creators, as voted by the community.

The “metaverse wearables” is a top ranking in the category of NFTs, which are crypto collectibles. The creators of these items are not revealed for privacy reasons.

Without a question, Decentraland is the most alluring location for fashion designers to display their works. Additionally, it is the only live world where users may wear designer clothing as NFTs and switch them out every day for no other reason than to look better. 

Best Wearables Makers of All Time

Let’s look at how successful creators were able to make money from their works if you still believe that the Decentraland metaverse is merely a game. The top 5 best-selling items of all time earned a total sales volume of $21 0515,55, according to The Wearable Daily.

However, because sales are dependent on MANA, the Decentraland currency, it does not demonstrate that you can support yourself. It could seem better than it is, according to inventor Malloy, who is ranked #5 among all-time top sellers: “I sold most of my wearables when MANA was less than 50 cents, and wearables sold for MANA in the 100s. I paid my rent; I did not hoard or purchase land. I hope my early wearable purchasers still hold them in high respect even if the market as a whole has been diluted and weakened in terms of how wearables are now viewed to be valued. They’ll all be useful in the future! 

According to sales volume, these are Decentraland’s best-selling products:

Number One Kriskay: 80,301 MANA ($72,643,58)

#2 HelloNico#4a46 – $52 480,49 (58 012,5 MANA)

#3 ArtifactStudios ($32 899,53) – 36 367,5 MANA

– 34 308,3 MANA ($31 036,69) #4 HirotoKai

#5 Malloy received 23 716.88 ($21 455.26).

What Is the Most Popular Clothes in the Metaverse?

Being a real fashion enthusiast, I was curious to learn more about what people loved to purchase in the Metaverse from the many data that were accessible on Decentraland. Rare Wealth Squad Robe by kriskay, which has been purchased 4,668 times, is the most sought-after item. Sales were 82,453 MANA ($74 590,36). 

Best-selling goods in Decentraland:

Leading Wealth Squad Robe by kriskay: 4668 units sold for a total of 82,453 MANA ($74 590,36). 

sda#d31a’s #2 MetaMask Beanie sold 714 units for 51 036 MANA ($46 169,26) in sales.

#3 Loafers (ICE Level 1) by Saus: 12 units sold for 30 020 MANA (about $27 157,32).

Saus’s #4 Trousers (ICE Level 1) sold 13 units for a total of 26 537 MANA ($24 006,46).

Saus’ #5 Cigar (ICE Level 1) sold 11 units for a total of 25 133 MANA ($22 736,34).

The Royal Family Crown by MrMookie#165d is the most popular item, if that answers your question. So far, 7,818 royal crowns have been sold. 

More Than Just a Pretty Face

Decentraland offers an exciting opportunity for creators to monetize their work. But don’t forget that the most sold items were the ones that promised something More Than Just a Pretty Face. People tend to invest in the creators they trust and follow for a long time.

The largest collector, Fancy, has already amassed 3,178 things and supported 292 authors, spending $6,309,91 MANA ($5,708,2) on an item that is mostly out of reach. This indicates a lot about the future of Decentraland and other metaverses.


The “nft wearables” is a category of NFTs in the Decentraland marketplace. The most popular creators are ranked on the site.

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