The concept of NFTs is the idea that every digital asset in a virtual world will have its own unique attributes, and with this comes an opportunity for developers to create games around them.

The “dorac nft” is a game that allows players to race their NFT dogs in an interactive quest. The game also includes other features such as trading and pet battles.

Race Your NFT Dogs in DoRac's Interactive Quests & Adventures

DoRac, a play-to-earn crypto game focused on dog breeding, training, and racing, is one of the first in the metaverse realm. Players utilize their pack to defeat their opponents in contests and races, making the game more more entertaining than the typical point-and-click racing games that abound in the crypto gaming industry.

Gameplay & DoRac Metaverse

Players compete with their own NFT certified dogs in daily races, tournaments, and even championships distributed over the DoRac metaverse, which are powered by the Unity game engine. The DoRac ecosystem relies heavily on the metaverse, which provides a virtual environment for users to breed, train, and race their dogs.

It will also contain a roaming aspect, giving the game an MMORPG feel with interactive tasks and adventures. Users can anticipate a lot of community-friendly content, such as leaderboards for the quickest track times, side tasks, and other gamers. Visitors and individuals with a Doracian ID will be able to access the DoRac metaverse. Visitors will not have full access to the metaverse, but they will be able to participate in races.


By adding ‘Smart NFTs,’ DoRac is revolutionizing the usage of NFTs in gameplay, allowing each dog’s traits to be changed depending on training and racing without having to be re-minted. This will save players money on gas and make dog ownership, breeding, and training easier.

Dog Races

Dog races will include eight to twelve dogs competing for the victory. Each virtual Smart NFT dog will have its own set of characteristics, and each race will be decided by three elements. That is, RNG technology, physical characteristics of each dog such as weight, agility, stamina, and luck, and each player’s strategic approach to the ‘additional stamina’ utilization mechanism.

Additional Benefits

DoRac’s team has finished the first step of the roadmap, with the goal of bringing full Smart NFT integration, viewable races, competitive racing championships, and more to the platform. Their IDO is expected to debut in Q3 of 2022, with a modest market value at the time.


The native tokens, $DORC and $DRT, will be used to train and feed players’ dogs, compete in races, cover dog breeding expenses, and engage in the DoRac metaverse.

Are you prepared to sprint with your group?

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The “dorac token” is a game that allows users to race their NFT dogs in an interactive quest & adventure. It was released on April 10th, 2019.

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