Mike Rashid, a highly-known professional boxer in the United States has just launched his first NFT collection on CryptoKitties. In addition to other rare items such as Mike’s championship belt and gloves, the collector will also be able to purchase exclusive merchandise of their very own unique ‘King’ fighter which is only available through this limited edition collectible.

The “Mike Rashid King” is a new boxing collection that has been launched by Mike Rashid. The collection features a variety of clothing, shoes and more.

Pro Boxer Mike Rashid Launches ‘King' NFT Collection

Mike Rashid, a professional boxer, has announced the release of his first NFT collection. A percentage of the earnings will go to his charity, ‘Dirty Angels,’ which delivers food and hygiene kits to skid rows and other areas of cities where there are high concentrations of homeless people.

The ‘King Collection,’ which will be released on Crypto.com on January 10th, is an obvious tribute to his birth name, Michael King, as well as his hometown, Kings County, New York. Rashid has held the details of the NFTs close to his chest, but according to a recent press release, the collection will be inspired by the tales and lessons of his fairytale journey as a professional boxer, power bodybuilder, lifestyle influencer, and consummate entrepreneur.

“I paint a picture or tell a narrative of what’s in my heart and mind… then I stand aside and allow the interpretation to the viewers own imagination, viewpoint, and vision,” Rashid added, implying that the collection will have some type of artist aspect. Rules, in my view, do not apply to art.”

Despite the fact that the forthcoming collection is his first NFT, Rashid is no stranger to the NFT world, as seen by his recent purchase of a bespoke PsychoKitties NFT on Crypto.com, which he proudly displays as his Instagram profile photo.

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The “Mike Rashid gym” is a NFT that was released on the Pro Boxer Mike Rashid’s Twitter account. The “King” NFT collection features a shirt with the image of the boxer and his logo, as well as an official fight poster. Reference: mike rashid gym.

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