The “metaverse land grab” is a competition that will take place on the Ethereum blockchain. The winner of this competition will be able to own an estate in the Metaverse game.

Premium DCL Estate Up for Grabs

In the metaverse, real estate is already thriving. Snoop Dogg, PwC, JP Morgan, and HSBC are among the celebrities who have already acquired virtual estate in the metaverse for business and other reasons. Early investors have grabbed the bull by the horns, and there are no signs of this trend slowing down anytime soon.

That said, it’s still early, and there are a plethora of ways for investors to get exposure to the metaverse, regardless of their financial situation.

In this article, we look at just a few of the various ways that large and small investors may participate in some of the most popular virtual worlds accessible today.


Opportunity: 110k for a district land MANA Here is a link to this sale:

Both private and district land make up Decentraland. Districts are community-themed places that now occupy huge sections of the map. As the number of landowners grows, purchasing a big estate has become more challenging (a group of adjacent lands).

There are still plenty of bargains to be gained, with several districts currently selling off parts to private investors. This 15-parcel estate, situated in a high-end part of the Fashion Street neighborhood, is a superb example. Based on current market prices, this is a very affordable property that won’t be on the market for long before someone buys it, since it’s the ideal chance for any fashion business to make a huge splash.



New Islands Opportunity Price: 0.7 ETH New Land Auctions may be found here.

Cryptovoxels continues to provide new land chances every week, however it seems to be getting lost in the shuffle among NFTs. Recently, deals for a well-located parcel of land on a freshly created Island have been as low as 0.7 ETH.

When the floor was around 2 ETH not long ago, this was a steal. At the time of writing, the current floor on OpenSea is 1.06 ETH. There are plenty of opportunities for investors, flippers, and creatives to grab a piece of the metaverse at a very inexpensive price.


Space Somnium

Locations on the Waterfront are a great opportunity. Starting at 7.42 ETH Here’s how to see it on OpenSea.

Ever since the Space Somnium land sale, land parcels by the waterside have been priced at a premium. It’s easy to see why as they offer extra build space (you can build on a portion of the water) and also house the most breathtaking views.

Prices have just began to fall, and there are some fantastic possibilities to acquire premium real estate. The 14 ETH medium-sized property, located in the heart of Somnium and with great views of the port, is an excellent example.


The Sandbox is a play area for children.

Land Adjacent to Estates for Sale Price: From 1.6 ETH Here’s an example from OpenSea:

Everyone seemed to desire a piece of the metaverse to add to their NFT portfolio. They, like other metaverse investments, come with some risk, thus we always advise you to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. We’re still in the early stages of Alpha, so the possibilities are unlimited.



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