Polygon joins 10 other leading publications from around the world to be part of Disney’s Web3 Accelerator program. The goal for each publication is to experiment with blockchain technology and create an innovative game, app, or product that will have a paradigm-shifting impact on gaming as we know it today.

Polygon, an Ethereum scaling tool, has been chosen to participate in Walt Disney’s new ‘Accelerator Program’ for 2022, the company has announced. In doing so, Polygon joins the Web3 initiative along with five other businesses, but it stands out as the only blockchain-native platform that was chosen. 

In spite of this, there are other Web3-native businesses in the program besides Polygon, such as Flickpay, a social app that lets users find NFTs linked to physical locations, Lockerverse, a Web3 platform that enables creators and brands to curate culturally significant stories and experiences, and Obsess, a platform that lets businesses build immersive 3D virtual stores on websites and metaverse platforms. The program’s other two businesses are Red 6 and Inworld, an AI-focused platform.

The third-largest media and entertainment conglomerate in the world said that its 2022 Accelerator program is a business and development program created to support the expansion of creative businesses all over the globe. 

The initiative will especially strive to create technologies that relate to the new age of immersive experiences, as the aforementioned list of firms proposed. NFTs and metaverse-related smart terminal technologies, such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence, will thus be the main areas of attention.

The top leadership team at Disney will provide direction to Polygon and the other five companies during the program, in addition to a dedicated executive mentor.